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Should You Workout Before Going To Bed?

By: Ajanta Sen
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Keeping yourself fit is extremely vital, especially when it comes to the well-being of your heart and lungs. In order to stay fit, you must workout daily. Many people make it a habit to workout in the early morning hours, but what if you are running short of time?

What if you are a busy bee and have time only before bed? Is it the right time to workout just before going to bed? Studies say that some people had a good night’s sleep, even when they had exercised just before going to bed.

However, according to a few studies, a number of people had a worse tiresome sleep when they worked out before going to bed. Thus, there are numerous misconceptions about, “should you workout before bedtime”?

Thus, with the various delusions about working out before going to bed, you might get confused whether or not should you workout before bedtime.

You might have many questions in your mind like working out before bed may upset your sleep or exercising at that time may not be that effective for your body.

To answer all these questions, you must acquaint yourself with some useful information, which will clear all your apprehensions. Below are some important points in this regard:

Should you work out before bed

Is It Good Or Bad To Exercise Before Bedtime
The foremost thing that you should remember is that – it is compulsory to workout! No matter what time you get to exercise, you should not miss an opportunity to exercise.

Exercising before bed can’t be bad, provided you do it in a proper way. Just make sure to have a light exercise and a tiny snack just after the workout. Also, make sure to take a quick shower before you hit the bed.

Should you work out before bed

Does Exercising Before Bed Affect Sleep?
A few people may have trouble in sleeping just after a workout. The reason for this is that after exercising your body temperature rises and your body becomes superactive, which makes it difficult to doze off.

If you fall in this category, you must finish your workout at least prior to 2 hours before hitting the bed. However, for some people, exercising before bed does not have any effect on their sleep in any way.

Moreover, for some, exercise actually helps to get a better sleep and for them this is actually one of the various reasons to workout before bedtime. All you can do is to try exercising for one week to find out which category you actually belong to.

Should you work out before bed

Working Out Before Bedtime Can Help You Sleep Better
One of the reasons to workout before bedtime is to have a better sleep.

There are various tips that you can try after a workout session to get a good sleep. Breathe deeply and meditate after exercising, prior to bed, to lower the adrenaline levels and have a good sleep.

After the workout, have a quick cold shower to lower your body temperature.

Should you work out before bed

Use Essential Oils After A Night’s Workout
Essential oils and soothing supplements like kava kava, lavender oil, extract of passionflower and magnesium powder can help to diminish your anxiety after a late night workout and help you get a sound sleep after a workout before bedtime.

Late Night Workout Helps You To Unwind After A Hectic Day
If you really had a very busy day, you can de-stress yourself by working out before hitting the bed. This is one of the best reasons to workout before your bedtime.

Thus, with all the aforementioned points, you must have now got a clear perspective about whether you should workout before bedtime or not.

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