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Reasons To Eat After A Workout

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There is no use if you lift heavy and eat nothing soon after your workout. Of course, you eat three meals a day; that is a different story but what you eat soon after you come back from the gym has its own role to play.

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In fact, it is better to eat a protein-rich snack or at least milk after a workout. Of course, there are so many other alternatives as post workout snacks but the point is, you must not miss the post workout meal.

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Generally, the nutrients in the post workout meal are planned in a way to give your muscles some protein and some energy to your drained system. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't give it a miss.


Your Muscles Need Food

In order to grow bigger, your muscles need food. Only then, they can repair themselves after the tears of a workout.


Growth Needs Nutrients

Your muscles can't grow unless they receive building blocks from the food you eat. Proteins are the building blocks.


Food Fuels More Workouts

Apart from helping the building of muscles, foods also provides energy. Food powers all your workouts and therefore, you need food soon after a workout.


Your Body Utilises The Food Well

Food that is ingested soon after an intense workout will be absorbed faster. As your body craves for energy at that time, your absorption rate would be better.


Post Workout Meal Is Important

Some trainers say that the food you eat after a workout is the most crucial meal. If you wish to lose fat and gain muscle, treat your post workout meal as the main meal of the day.



If you are into intense physical activities, you may need to replenish the electrolytes soon after the workout. Otherwise, you may feel dizzy or faint.

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Story first published: Friday, August 12, 2016, 18:30 [IST]
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