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One Single Exercise To Blast Belly Fat!

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Losing weight seems to a be a very tough task. At least, we all perceive it tough as we think that losing weight involves hours of workouts and rigorous diet plans. But we can simplify the process too.

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If you aspire for a six pack then you might need to work very hard and follow certain diet plans. But if your aim is to just lose some belly fat, then you can reach your goal as it is a more realistic goal.

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Yes, our goals need to be realistic and they should suit our lifestyles. Only then, we can achieve them. So, if you are too busy to hit a gym then you can try this exercise. You just need to spend a few minutes every day and your belly fat starts melting soon.

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Try the plank exercise. It engages your arms, legs, buttocks and mainly your abs. This workout involves placing your body in a position that is almost similar to a push up.

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The weight of your body should be on your toes and hands. Keep your back straight and suck your belly inside while you hold the position.
As the exercise is simple and just involves holding the position for a few minutes, try to take a 30 day challenge and gradually increase the duration.


The First Day

Do a bit of warming up. Get the blood circulation moving. Do a few jumping jacks and get into the plank position.

See the picture. The weight of your body should be on your toes and hands. Keep your back straight and suck your belly inside while you hold this position.


1-5 Days

During the first five days, your focus should be more on getting the position right, balancing your body and tuning your breathing patterns. Hold the position for 5-10 seconds.


5-10 Days

As you tend to get used to the workout, you can increase the duration. Try to extend it from 10 seconds to 25 seconds. But before you do that, perform some stretching exercises to loosen your body.


10-15 Days

As you reach the stage where you can hold the position for 30 seconds, you need to strengthen your back and make it flexible through stretching activities.


15-20 Days

This is the time to try variations. Try to do the side plank. Try to hold the position for one minute.


20-25 Days

As you have reached a comfort zone, you can perform this workout even while watching TV. But ensure that you extend the holding time to 2 minutes gradually.


25-30 Days

This is the time you must be able to prolong the hold time to 4 minutes if your body co-operates.

If you have observed any change in your belly fat levels, you have done it right. But if you still don't find any change, then consult a doctor.

As weight loss depends upon so many factors that include genetics, lifestyle habits and a lot more, your doctor can identify the issue.

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