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9 Habits Of Fit Women

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Most of us wonder what it takes to stay fit. Some people have genetic advantage, they are born with faster metabolism. They tend to stay slim even if they eat more.

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But this doesn't mean that all fit people have the genetic advantage. Most of them are into healthy dieting habits and workout habits. In fact, even genetically gifted people may need to put in some handwork as age would rob all those benefits and slow down the metabolism.

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So, what do fit women do in order to maintain an excellent figure? Well, they embrace good habits that help them effortlessly maintain a good figure. Also, they never make dieting or exercise look like hard work.


They Love Morning Walks

Going for a morning walk is the the most effortless way to maintain healthy weight. All fit women prefer morning walks.


They Don't Deprive Themselves

Fit women don't starve themselves. They know that an occasional dessert won't kill them but inactivity does. So, they work out harder instead of depriving themselves of an occasional treat.


They Prefer Short Workouts

Smart women know that short but intense workouts are better than longer ones. Also, it is practical to stick to your exercise routines when you keep them short and simple.


They Sleep Well

Fit women seldom stay awake till late as it spoils both their skin and metabolism. They sleep early.


They Cook Instead Of Eating Outside

Fit women would prefer home cooked food over outside food. Also, they love to prepare their own meal as it gives them more control over the ingredients and taste.


They Perceive Activities As Workouts

Instead of sitting lazily, fit women engage themselves in household activities as they burn calories.


They Listen To Music While Working Out

Music motivates us. Instead of quitting your workouts due to lack of motivation, listen to music while working out.


They Choose To Be Active

Fit people always burn calories by keeping themselves active all the time.


They Love Leafy Greens

Fit people aren't fit by eating junk. They eat more of fruits and leafy vegetables.

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Story first published: Friday, March 4, 2016, 13:25 [IST]
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