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Eat This, Not That! (9 Food Substitutes)

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No, this post is not about diet rules or sacrifices to lose weight. But it is more about the advantages you may gain if you substitute your foods with some others.

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Yes, most of us are addicted to some foods as we have made eating out a pleasure. Most of us have fallen in love with foods so much that we have developed cravings for some foods and hatred towards healthy foods.

Though healthy foods seldom taste well, it all depends upon how well you treat them and prepare them to make them tasty enough for your tongue and mind.

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So, let us look at what you can eat instead of eating unhealthy foods that gradually damage your system.


Instead Of A Burger...

Eat a salad. All processed foods are loaded with fat, unwanted calories and preservatives. When you have a craving, you don't need to control yourself. Eat a salad and the craving will be gone; a salad is anyway good for your health.


Instead Of A Cookie...

Chew a carrot. When your mouth just wants to chew something, a raw carrot is a better choice than a sugar-loaded cookie.


Instead Of Coffee...

Drink vegetable broth. As the nutrients of all vegetables are present in a broth, you will never regret. Also, you energy levels remain stable once you get rid of the caffeine addiction.


Instead Of Chicken...

Eat fish. As fish contains omega 3 fatty acids and some protein too, prefer fish instead of chicken. Nowadays, there is less of organic meat available and more of chemically-loaded meat in the market.


Instead Of Milk...

Eat calcium-rich vegetables and protein-rich eggs. Though milk is nutritious, when the cows are fed with bad food, you cannot rely on the quality of milk. Therefore, eat leafy greens and eggs to compensate the nutrients.


Instead Of Chips...

Eat fruits. As salty chips have both Sodium and unwanted calories, prefer to eat fruits when you crave for chips.


Instead Of Juices...

Drink water. As sugary fruit juices contain more calories and spike your blood sugar levels, drink water to flush out toxins.


Instead Of Sugary Soft Drinks...

Drink some fruit juice as fruit juices are a lot better than sugary soft drinks which spoil your health in the long run.


Instead Of Energy Drinks...

Eat a banana or drink a cup of coffee before your workout to boost your energy levels. Post workout, eat boiled eggs.

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