How To Enjoy Unhealthy Foods Without Feeling Guilty!

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Why feel guilty to enjoy your favourite foods when you have a way out? Well, we are not recommending eating fatty foods or unhealthy foods day in and day out but we are suggesting that living with cravings through your dieting process may not help you, as you would soon give up dieting!

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So, what's the way out? Well, firstly, remember that weight loss is impossible unless you curb your desires for unhealthy foods.
Also, remember that weight loss is impossible without reduction of calorie intake. And remember that weight loss cannot be a reality without physical activity.

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Now, how to make this whole process more enjoyable? By eating your favourite foods occasionally and satisfying your unhealthy desires in a healthy way! How is it possible? Read on...


Eat Them On Cheat Days

If you are dieting or staying away from your favourite unhealthy foods, then eat them on cheat days. The weekends are the best days to eat a favourite food and again get back to healthy foods by Monday.


Reduce The Portion Size

Eat your favourite foods in moderation. For example, a small bite of a burger on a Sunday might not harm you as much as eating burgers the whole week.


Drink Water Before You Eat Them

If you wish to eat a pizza, drink a litre of water before you start eating. This will make you eat only a small piece of pizza as your stomach is already filled with water!


Workout More Than You Eat

If you plan your workouts in a way that they burn all extra calories, then your weekend pizza doesn't kill you.


Maintain A Food Journal

Note down all the foods you eat. This will make you aware of the list of unhealthy foods you ate in the weekend. Then you can work on burning the extra calories through workouts or limiting your intake on a Monday.


Fall In Love With Healthy Foods

The secret is to fall in love with salads. How to enjoy healthy foods? Well, by making them tasty to your tongue. Find ways to make healthy foods taste good.


Love Yourself And Obey Your Body's Wishes

Listen to your body. Don't listen to the cravings of the mind. When your body intelligence is given attention, you will never crave for bad foods.

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