Do You Want To Become Fit Like Actor Kunal Kapoor; Check Out His Fitness Mantra

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If you want to remain healthy and fit, there are two things that you need to keep in perspective. First is the food that you eat and secondly the exercise that you do. If you get these two things right then there is nothing that can stop you from being fit.

Food and exercise need to be a part of your lifestyle. This is the fitness secret of famous Bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor.

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The food that you eat gives you energy, so you need to see to it that whatever you choose to eat is healthy. With busy work schedules, many of us tend to skip food or in a hurry just grab the junk foods that are easily available. But this should be an absolute no.

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It not just leads one to become obese but can trigger many other serious health problems as well. Also, along with the food, regular exercises need to be a part of everyone's routine. A perfect balance of healthy food and exercises helps one to become fit.

Listed below are a few of the food habits and exercises that actor Kunal Kapoor follows in his day-to-day life that has helped him to stay fit. Take a look.


1.Avoid Fried Food:

Fried foods like chips are loaded with lots of calories and fat that not just leads one to gain weight but also causes indigestion and other stomach problems.


2. Avoid Junk Food:

Junk foods comprising of burgers and soft drinks should be an absolute no if you want to stay healthy. All these only lead one to gain extra fat and calories and add on weight.


3. Eat Small Meals After Every 2 Hours:

Eating small meals after every two hours like sprouts or one chapathi with vegetables is one of the best secrets to remain healthy and fit.


4.Lot Of Greens:

Rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and loads of other nutrients, green vegetables in your daily diet is a must. These help in maintaining the weight, strengthening the bones and keeping several other diseases at bay.


5.Lot Of Fruits:

Fruits are one of the best secrets to becoming healthy. Filled with several nutrients, like the foods that we eat, fruits should form a part of our daily diet.


6.Balance Of Proteins & Carbohydrates:

Having a balanced quantity of protein and carbohydrates is highly important for the overall health. These two ingredients help in providing energy and maintaining the weight as well.



Workout helps in tonning the muscles, maintaining weight as well as blood pressure, preventing cholesterol, diabetes and several other health problems.



Cycling is one of the best exercises that helps increase the blood circulation, tonning the muscles and losing weight.



Walking is one of the best exercises. If you have to travel a short distance then it is always better to walk instead of driving your car or your two wheeler.


10.Take The Stairs:

Instead of taking the lift, it is always better to take the stairs at your office or at your residence. This could form a part of your exercise as well.

Story first published: Tuesday, December 6, 2016, 16:30 [IST]
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