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Quit Smoking? These Natural Remedies Help Quick Recovery Of Lungs

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Often you might have heard the saying - smoking kills, smoking is dangerous for health, and still after knowing all the adverse effects that smoking has on one's health, a few people are hooked to it.

So if you have made up your mind to quit smoking, then there are a few natural remedies that help one not just to quit smoking but also provide a quick recovery for the lungs that might have been damaged following long years of smoking.

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natural remedies to clean lungs

Also it is not just the lungs that are affected when one smokes, the toxins that enter the blood can cause severe damage to the heart as well as the brain. When the nicotine gets infused in the body it can be harmful. Not just the person smoking but it affects the passive smokers and family members too.

Hence, deciding to quit smoking as soon as possible helps in the person's well being. Once the person quits smoking he requires nutrients, especially vitamins that will help in the recovery of the damaged lungs and improve its functioning.

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Meanwhile, there are several studies which show that many people experience anxiety and stress once they quit smoking. Hence keeping a watch on the nutrients becomes very essential.

Here is a list of a few natural remedies that help to get back the healthy lungs after one quits smoking. Take a look.

natural remedies to clean lungs

1. Grapefruits:

Rich in vitamin C, grapefruits not just help in reducing the urge to smoke but these also help in clearing out the toxins from the lungs and hasten a quick recovery of the lungs.

natural remedies to clean lungs

2. Leafy Green Vegetables:
Leafy green vegetables like spinach contain choline. This is one important ingredient that helps to reduce the craving for nicotine and also helps in the recovery of the lungs.

natural remedies to clean lungs

3. Avocado:
A rich source of vitamin E, avocado helps in strengthening the immune system and repairs the lungs that have been damaged by smoking.

natural remedies to clean lungs

4. Fish & Eggs:
If the lungs are damaged following smoking then it is likely that one might get lung cancer. Hence, an increase in the intake of vitamin D-containing foods like fish and eggs helps to reduce the risk of lung cancer.

natural remedies to clean lungs

5. Almonds:
Smoking damages the lungs. Rich in folic acid, almonds help in improving the function of lungs. Adding almonds to your daily diet helps in the quick recovery of lungs once you quit smoking.

Story first published: Monday, December 5, 2016, 20:30 [IST]
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