Can Your Diet And Exercises Affect Your Memory?

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Who could have guessed that loss of memory can happen to anyone, no matter her or his age. You may only be thirty five years old, but the storage ability can be no better than that of a sixty year old. Does the idea of losing all of your treasured memories frighten you?

Hence, paying attention to your diet and exercising on a regular basis is important. This is because these have been proved by researchers to prevent memory loss.

diet for memory

An unhealthy and unbalanced diet will only affect the body and mind adversely. An excellent diet will allow good circulation within the body and thus affect the functioning of the memory in a positive way. Exercising will help to keep the memory fresh and at the same time revive the body.

diet for memory

Some of the healthful foods that prevent memory loss are blueberry, spinach and broccoli. Avocados, beetroot, dark chocolates, coconut oil and celery have also been found to prevent memory loss. Besides this, eating a well-balanced diet is important to boost memory retention powers and prevent forgetfulness.

diet for memory

Physical exercises help to not only tone the body, they help to tone the mind as well. Regular exercising makes the mind sharp and boosts the memory. It also prevents memory loss in the long run.

Mind exercises also help to boost memory powers and prevent memory loss. What you may do is try some brain exercises which include some sort of brainstorming and thinking. You may also exercise the memory by trying new stuff, for instance, learning a brand new instrument or learning a brand new language.

diet for memory

Whenever you carry weights consistently, you will find that the body gets toned up with time. In the same way, when the brain is exercised with certain things, it gets worked up and healthy. This is why individuals are urged to do plenty of brainstorming sessions in order to make their brain work and therefore strengthen the power of the memory and prevent memory loss.

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Story first published: Monday, November 21, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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