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Benefits Of Dips

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Though dips look like a simple workout, they can challenge your whole system. They are good isolation workouts which shape up your triceps and give proper form to your arms.

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They can be done anywhere just like push-ups. You can use a chair at home to perform dips or you can use a machine in the gym. Most of us look down upon dips but their benefits cannot be underestimated.

How to do: The whole idea is to move your body up and down using your arm muscles so that your triceps get the challenge. Simple place your hands on a chair or a any other bar.

Bend a little without moving your feet and again raise your body a little. Repeat this a few times paying attention to your triceps. You can do this workout on steps too by placing your hands on a step and placing your legs on another step. However, do it carefully to avoid injury.

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Caution: People with body pains or back problems should never try this workout without consulting a doctor. Others can try this workout but only under the supervision of a doctor.


Benefit #1

This exercise involves keeping your hands and feet static and moving the rest of the body putting the load on your triceps. So, its a great upper body workout that challenges your muscles in that area.


Benefit #2

This workout can build up mass on your upper body. As this move engages the upper body muscles, they get challenged and tend to grow faster.


Benefit #3

This exercise is more beneficial than a pushup as you tend to lift the weight of your whole body while doing a dip.


Benefit #4

You will gradually develop strength in your arms as they work hard in moving your body while doing dips. Your arms and chest grow stronger if you regularly perform dips.


Benefit #5

Those who are interested in developing a V-shaped body should never ignore dips. This workout when done regularly using wide grips, helps build a V-shaped upper-body.


Benefit #6

This workout not only engages your triceps, but it also challenges your shoulders, lower back, chest and forearms.


Benefit #7

This workout also allows you to challenge yourself by simply trying more variations. Simply widening the grips can also help.

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