Hormones That Make Women 'FAT'

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Hormones...... it is one thing that all women hate in their entire life! Hormones are responsible for your nasty mood swings, your food cravings and most of all your weight gain. Did you know that hormones is a sole reason why your putting on weight, ladies!

Well, Boldsky introduces to you six hormones which are responsible for the fat on your hips, the extra fat around your tummy and those arms, and much more.


According to a recent study, it is noted that they may be related to pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), pregnancy, menopause or day to day stress.

The study also shows that appetite, weight loss, metabolism and female hormones are linked. On the other hand, hormones affect women of all ages, so this is nothing new what your going through.

It has a great impact on a woman's biological cycle and daily life as well. So, let's take a look at which hormones make women fat!


The Cortisol Hormone

This type of hormone is also called as the stress hormone. When a woman is under high levels of stress, the cortisol hormones increases the appetite level which thereby increases weight gain. So, the next time your stressed about something, take a walk and cool yourself.


The Testosterone Hormone

Some women suffer from a syndrome called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). This syndrome causes an increase in weight gain, facial hair and excessive muscle mass too. It is due to the increase level of testosterone.


The Estrogen Hormone

At the time of menopause, the estrogen hormone level drops, thus causing weight gain, especially around the gut or stomach for a woman. This is one of the many hormones which makes women fat.


The Insulin Hormone

High insulin in a woman's body is the sole reason for weight gain. Insulin is responsible for the regulation of fat and carbohydrates in the body.


The Progesterone Hormone

The other hormone which makes women fat is the progesterone hormone. It usually takes place at the time of menopause Here, when there is a decrease level of this hormone, the body bloats up due to water retention and not exactly fat!


The Thyroid Hormone

If your suffering with hypothyroidism, you will eventually put on weight. Alongside, you will feel tired, have dry skin and feel constipated too. This hormone can be treated, take a look at what you must do when suffering from hypothyroid.

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