15 Diet Tips To Ignore For Weight Loss

Losing weight in a hurry is everyone's dream of getting that perfect bod. And more importantly losing weight in the correct way is the only best tip to follow.

There are a lot of diets which are followed by many to cut down on pounds. These certain diets may or may not work for your and thus will leave you in a bad state.


Some of these diets even cause a skin reaction or may even make you put on weight. For example: some girls to an extent of only drinking water and not consuming any food. This kind of a diet will leave you bloated with acidity.

It will also pave way to many other health problems like irregular blood pressure, headaches, feeling of fatigue and more. Following a highly rich protein diet with a good amount of carbs and balanced vitamins is essential.

If you take a look at these diet tips to ignore for weight loss, it will shock you, for there is a chance that you have been following one or two or more of these diet tips to cut calories.

So, ignore these diet tips for weight loss and start living a healthier lifestyle.



Fasting will not help you lose weight. This is one of the biggest mistakes we all make in trying to lose pounds.


The Pepper Trick

They say spicy foods helps to cut fat. Though it is true, adding tons of pepper to your food will only lead to digestive problems. This is another diet tip to ignore for weight loss.


Weight Loss With Soups

There are a lot of people who turn to a soup diet to lose weight , Eg: cabbage soup. Experts believe that this soup helps to cut fat, but you also need to add in other types of food.


The Only Fiber Diet

Fiber helps to increase metabolism therefore helping you to work out more in the gym. But, consuming only fiber will lead to problems like constipation which is why it is one of the diet tips to ignore when wanting to lose weight.


Coconut Oil Instead Of Vegetable

Coconut oil has healthier fat which is much better to consume when compared to vegetable oil. However, it is not proved that it will help in weight loss.


Just The Salad!

Eating salad and no other food will not result in weight loss. This is another diet tip to ignore when wanting to cut calories.


Not Counting The Calories

The moment you eat foods that contain a high amount of calories you begin to calculate how much you actually have eaten. The mistake you make - not counting the foods which are less in calories as well.


Those Little Meals

Women especially love to binge on smaller portion of foods 6 times in a day thinking this is one of the ways to lose weight. However, it doesn't help and it is indeed one of the biggest diet tips to ignore.


The Weekend Special

Since you are not consuming heavy and high calorie food in the week, binging on a heavy meal on the weekend is all the more worse and should not be followed if you want to lose weight.


When You Skip Breakfast

Skipping a breakfast is not healthy and it is one of the diet tips to ignore in order to stay healthy and lose weight.


Depending On Skim Milk

Skim milk contains no protein and give you no energy, so depending on just skim milk will not help you cut pounds.


Opting Out Of Non Vegetarian

There are those who think non-vegetarian foods have a high amount of calories and thus adds to weight gain. However, there are certain lean meats which are good for weight loss and one should opt for it.


The Bubble Gum Tip

Teens chew on bubble gum to help lose calories. This is one of the biggest diet tips to ignore to lose weight.


Detoxing Often

Detoxing often will not help you lose out on calories. If you want to live healthy try to detox once in a month.


Just Water & Nothing Else!

Women have the habit of only sipping on water to fill their tummy and lose weight. Never follow this diet tip!

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