How To Clean Up Your Diet

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How to clean up your diet? Well, we all know the answer. It is pretty simple: eat simple natural foods and cut processed foods. But still, we seldom follow it as we have complicated our lives with innumerable tasty and unhealthy choices that are slowly killing us without our knowledge.

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But if you are really interested in a cleansing diet that would prolong your life, then you are sure to find out foods that energise in the place of foods that make you feel drowsy and depressed.

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Yes, foods play a role in how we think and feel; they are the ones that decide how long you walk on this planet and how long you win your battle with old age. Therefore, let us discuss about how to clean up your diet.


The Power Of Seeds

Imagine the fact that a whole tree comes from a seed! Consume the life force present in the nuts and seeds.


We Are Predominantly Water!

We are composed of water. A child's body contains nearly 90% of water whereas an old man's body shows only 50%of water. Now, did you understand what keeps us young? Well, dehydration can age you fast and cause several illness. Consume clean water sufficiently as its the first principle of clean eating.


Reduce Your Consumption Of Cooked Foods

All types of heating includinggrilling, baking, toasting, frying, or simply microwaving damage the nutrients in the foods. Certain enzymes are destroyed and vitamins turn useless. Therefore, try to consume at least one uncooked meal in your day.


Avoid Meat For This Reason

Today, even the meat that is available to us isn't so healthy as the animals are fed with unhealthy foods and chemicals.


Consume A Variety Of Fruits And Vegetables

A study indicates that there are more than a hundred varieties of fruits available. A study says that more than 9000 types of apples exist on this planet! When nature has offered us such a wide variety, is there any need to create further variety of processed foods?Well, consume a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to supplement your nutrition needs.


Stay Away From Foods Made Of Hundreds Of Ingredients

Foods are supposed to be natural and simple for easy digestion but look at the processed foods. You will find out a long list of ingredients with which they are made of. Avoid all processed foods in the process of cleaning up your diet.


Avoid Dairy For This Reason

The milk you buy from the store in packets undergoes lots of phases during its processing. Even milk isn't a healthy option anymore after it has entered the processed foods list!

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