7 Simple But Life Changing Health Decisions

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Unhealthy lifestyle habits are very tough to break. That is why it isn't practical to plan life changing health decisions all of a sudden. But most of us start with big plans and when we fail in the initial stages itself, we lose the motivation to try again.

Why Do We Crave Junk Food

You are used to a particular lifestyle and a set of habits. If you wish to change, it should be a gradual process so that you will be able to implement your plans. Certain unhealthy habits which are related to junk food will be very tough to handle and that is where you must patiently handle your lifestyle.

Why Exercise Is Better Than Dieting

So, let us discuss about certain simple but healthy habits which are very easy to implement but will help you in the long run in a big way. Here are those healthy lifestyle habits.


Get Your BP Tested

If you really wish to guard your health, it is better to get your blood pressure monitored every 6 months. It gives you a picture about how healthy your heart is.


When You Eat Cornflakes

Most of us consume oatmeal or cornflakes mixed with milk every morning. But if you are leaving out the left over milk in the end, you are missing all the nutrients. A study says that the nutrients of any cereal when mixed with milk get dissolved in the milk. So, drinking it will help you.


Chew Your Food Mindfully

A study says that chewing food carefully and mindfully can help you consume limited quantities. Eating fast will make you eat more quantities of food. Such simple changes can also affect your weight.


Socialise More

Another study reveals that loneliness could breed depression and may harm the immune system. It is good to bond with someone and feel connected than remain isolated. This is one of the healthy lifestyle habits that could make a lot of difference.



A study claims that drinking cold water helps withstand intense workouts. So, before you hit the gym and after coming back, drink cold water. Also, it can speed up your metabolism too.


Keep Walking

Whenever you find some time, go out for a walk. This is one of the healthiest habit that can enhance your health and longevity.


Choose Green Tea Over Coffee

If you are addicted to coffee, it would be tough to quit it altogether. Choose green tea which is a healthier alternative.

These are just a few health decisions. If you have any more, please share them with us.

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