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8 Drinks That Make You Fat

Did you know that one fifth of your calories come from the drinks that you consume on a daily basis? According to recent statistics, people consume around 2500 calories just by drinking processed fruit juices and sodas along with a meal.

Not only are you consuming a whole lot of calories from the junk you consume, you are drastically spoiling your health. So, if you have been wondering all this time why you have been gaining weight, the drinks are to blame!

According to studies, fizzy drinks make you fat. But were you aware of other 'healthier' drinks like coffee, milk and beer which contain a higher amount of calories when compared to fizzy drinks?

Today, Boldsky presents a few more drinks that add to your weight gain and if you stop the consumption of these drinks by switching to water, you will gain a healthier body. Water is the best drink for you to consume. It helps in flushing out toxins from the body and also results in making you feel fit and active throughout the day. Switching to these drinks that make you fat to H2O, is a wise choice to cut down on the pounds.

So, let's take a look at some of the drinks that make you fat!



Remember those times when you step into a coffee bar and ask for cold coffee? It may sound interesting and healthy, but actually this beverage contains around 900 calories. Cold or frozen coffee is loaded with sugar and cream which makes it an unhealthy drink to consume when trying to lose weight.



One of the drinks that makes you fat is milk. Though nutritionists suggest that it is the best beverage to add to cereals, milk not only contains calcium, it also has a high amount of saturated fat which is the sole reason for weight gain.


Processed Drinks

Processed juices are anything but natural. They contain a ton of sugar and other artificial sweeteners which add to the calories. If you must know, processed juices contain only 3% of fruit, which is why they are unhealthy to drink.


Energy Drinks

Energy drinks make you fat! These drinks are loaded with sugar, caffeine and other ingredients which not only add up to your weight gain but also cause cancer cells to activate in the body. Regular consumption of energy drinks is also a reason for diabetes.



One bottle of beer will provide you with 120 calories. Beer is also loaded with carbohydrates and no nutrition which makes it one of the drinks that makes you fat.



Excessive consumption of soda can weaken the immune system. It has no presence of nutrition and contains a high amount of sodium and artificial sweeteners which lead to rapid weight gain. This drink that makes you fat in no time is also not healthy for the teeth as it corrodes the enamel and dissolves the teeth too.



Do you think shakes are healthy to consume? Well, it is one of the top most drinks that makes you fat! Shakes have a whole lot of ingredients which make you feel lethargic; they also add up to weight gain.


Sports Drinks

Sport drinks are said to provide you with energy so that you tend to perform better. However, sports drinks make you fat since they are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates. It is best to opt for water to provide you with energy and stamina.

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