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Diet Tricks: What Really Works & What Doesn't


When we are talking about diet tricks, it is obvious that these methods are not strictly speaking healthy. However, there is a cheat sheet for losing weight. There are some diet tricks that really work like magic. However, there are also some diet tricks that don't work at all and are just plainly unhealthy. There is neither guilt nor shame in trying out diet tricks that work fast.


You must use your knowledge of anatomy and nutrition to know which diet tricks will really work for you. Never go for unhealthy diet tips. Even if you manage to lose weight, the weight will come back again. You can use diet tips that help you lose weight fast but do not damage your system. These tricks or cheat tricks as we call them will not drop out of thin air.

Different things work for different people. Some people gain weight when they eat rice. There are others who put on weight when they do not work out for some time. You have to know the tendency of your own body. Over and above that, you have to to know some smart diet basics from the book of weight watchers.

Here is a comprehensive list of diet tricks that work and also the tricks that do not work at all.


Skip Dinner: Works

You can actually lose weight quickly if you have a large lunch followed by a light evening snack and then skip dinner. It can help you lose weight in a matter of months.


Skipping Breakfast: Doesn't Work

You will never lose weight if you try to save on calories in the morning. A large breakfast help you to keep hunger cravings at bay for the rest of the day.


Detox Diet: Works

You can try detoxifying diets like being on lemon juice and maple syrup for 7 days. This kind of detox diets cleanse you system, especially your colon. It flushes fats out of your system.


Fasting: Doesn't Work

The Indian diet trick of fasting for the various gods to lose weight dies not work. You should never fast yourself without food or water completely. It makes your body go into starvation mode and you don't metabolise fats at all.


Not Hitting The Gym: Works

It is essential that you do some exercise but that doesn't mean you have to hit the gym every day. You can try alternatives like walking, running or even doing more physical activity.


Hitting The Gym In The Weekend: Doesn't Work

But do not become a weekend warrior and hit the gyms only on weekends. That puts pressure on your heart and you do actually end up losing weight.


Eating Junk Once In A While: Works

If you give into your cravings once in a while and eat some fried chicken, no hell will break loose. You can always makeup for it during the day.


Letting Loose On Weekends: Doesn't Work

If you forget about your diet on weekends and eat whatever you want, then you cannot compensate for it during the weekdays. You have to have some method to madness.


Skip One Type Of Food: Works

If you feel that there is one particular type of food that makes you gain weight, then you can skip it completely. For example rice is fattening and you can go without eating rice for months. It won't do you any harm.


Crash Dieting: Doesn't Work

If you go in for diets like water diet, liquid diet or protein diet that focus only on one nutrient group, then it will deprive you from all the other nutrients. You cannot carry on with such diets for long.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 8:00 [IST]