Go Healthy With Mid Day Snacks

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It is hard to keep a track of what you put in your mouth all through day, especially because we are all in such hectic environments, be at the work place, college or as a home maker. We can't help reaching out to whatever is in sight. And more often than not, we end up stuffing ourselves with chips, cookies, cakes or some fried foods.

Dieticians all over the world, understand our body's need for mid day snacks to keep our energy levels up and our concentration in place. To prevent you from ruining your diet plans because of these hunger pangs we have compiled a list of foods that should make up your mid day snacks that contain only 0 to 100 calories!!

Mid Day Snacks

1) Whip up a fruit salad - It is no secret that fruits are those eatables that provide maximum satiety value and the least calories. Keep a host of fruits close at hand and even while you are in the office, keep a pocket knife that will help you whip yourself up a nice fruit salad consisting of apples, bananas, pears or oranges. Also keep a bottle of salt and pepper, to make yourself a tasty salad! Or just spread some honey over your fruit salad to satisfy your sweet cravings.

2) Carrot and cucumber dips - The night before you go to work or college, cut some carrot and cucumber slices and store it in the refrigerator. Carry a small cup of "hung curd" or thick curd topped with salt or pepper or just fruit yogurt, available easily. This makes for a very nice dip with your carrot and cucumber dips.

3) Crunchy popcorn - Who doesn't love popcorn? Make sure to always keep popcorn in stock, and try not to make it buttered or sweetened. Use natural herbs, or some oregano to sprinkle over your popcorn.

4) Munch on some nuts - Throw some almonds, peanuts, walnuts and pistachios together and top them with some honey. You have yourself a tasty, healthy, mid day snack!

5) Multi grain biscuit dip - Make a thick yogurt dip and put in some pieces of cucumber in it. Dip your multi grained biscuit in it for a guilt free snack!

6) Quaker oats and yogurt - One of the most delicious snacks is yogurt topped with dry Quaker Oats. It is simple to make and highly filling!

Use these simple mid day snacks, when the hunger pangs strike between breakfast and lunch time or in the early evening hours! These are practically fat free, making you feel guilt free!

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 17:41 [IST]
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