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Daniel Craig's Workout Plan: Get Bond Physique!

Posted By: Staff

Daniel Craig, the name synonymous with James Bond, is one of the most sought after actors not just in Hollywood but across all the continents.

From old to young men and boys, the physique of Daniel Craig, the fittest among Hollywood male celebs, is so much talked about that men have taken up extreme steps and followed exercise regimes to get a physique like his.

Getting six pack abs, well built biceps and triceps like the celebrity actor Daniel Craig is not that easy.

daniel craig workout

One needs to be very careful about the exercise regime that one takes up. Overdoing a few of the exercises can cause further harm, instead of helping one to build the body.

In addition to the exercises, the food that one eats also matters a lot. Quitting smoking was one of the first steps towards Craig's fitness regime.

Daniel Craig's diet comprised of a high-protein diet of chicken, fish, egg white and protein shakes. Intake of low carb foods with plenty of vegetables, nuts and salad were among others in the diet list of Craig.

Listed in this article is the workout plan of Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig's Workout Plan For the Bond Look:


1. Circuit Training:

Daniel Craig followed circuit training to get the Bond look for Casino Royale. In circuit training, you go from one exercise to another without taking breaks. In a 60 minutes workout, the break can be of 8-10 minutes maximum.


2. Cardio Exercise:

Cardio exercises should be done twice or thrice a week. Stress more on heavy weight exercises.


3. Squats:

Traditional squats are effective in building physique. Point your toes and bend on 90 degrees. Hold for a few seconds and then repeat. It is best to hold dumbbells in each hand and squat.


4. Weight Lifting:

Clean and jerk, one weight lifting exercise was followed by Daniel Craig. To get the Bond shape, do clean and jerk exercise. Take a barbell and lift it slowly near the waist. Now bend the knees and bring it close to your chest. Slowly take it overhead. Clean and jerk exercises work on the upper body, shoulder, chest and abdominal muscles.


5. Bench Press:

Bench press is another body building exercise to get six pack abs. Lie on the bench and raise the dumbbells from above your chest until your arms are straight. Daniel Craig's exercise plan also had pull ups. Also known as chin up, in these exercises, you hold onto a bar and pull your body weight upwards.


6. Push-ups:

Push ups is a common exercise done by men to get six pack abs. In push ups, lie horizontally on the floor, and use your arms to push your body up and down.

These are a few exercises from Daniel Craig's workout plan. You can get the Bond shape by following these exercises. Have protein-rich foods, drink plenty of water and avoid fattening foods.

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