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10 Brutal Truths About Being Married

By Pooja Kaushal

Getting married? There will be many wishes pouring in. And these wishes and blessings are not just for namesake. Believe it or not, you need them. Whoever is getting married needs them.

Chill, marriage is not all that scary. It is just a change in life that one has to come across. Whether it is love or arranged marriage, the change that comes with it is definite. You cannot expect to marry and live the life you did when you were single. One of the many brutal marriage truths is that life changes after tying the knot.


How that life changes depends upon you. Whether you take it in a positive manner or look upon it with regret, it is your personal decision. In case you are deciding on getting married, it would be good for you to know some brutal truths about getting married.


No more single

With a spouse by your side, you cannot expect to live a bachelor's life. The manner in which you carried out your daily routines and conducted your daily affairs will have to change. Some old habits will have to be given up to acquire new ones. After all, you decide to share your life with someone. So, you have to make space for that very special person in your life.



When a family expands, responsibilities also increase. The house chores and outdoor responsibilities will see a change and you will have to start sharing those responsibilities. You cannot expect your spouse to do everything for you. You need to pitch in and do your part as well.



With marriage, you enter into a committed relationship. The so called merry days are to be given up to bring about stability in life. Besides, you cannot cheat on your spouse and expect to have a healthy and happy married life.



Marriage truths also involve a sense of sharing. It could be material things or feelings and emotions. You share some and your spouse shares some. Both need to be open and fair with each other to make the marriage work.



When your spouse asks you where you will be at a particular time of the day, it should not be taken as being nosey or interfering. It is simply out of concern. When someone cares for you, it is obvious to ask such a question.


Keep informed

Just as your spouse has every right to ask you about your whereabouts, it is your responsibility to keep your family informed. In case you are coming home late, it is understood that you will inform your spouse. You cannot just walk in and walk out at any time of the day without informing your family.


Joint decisions

Marriage means bringing two people together to make a home. So when you are making a home and deciding on things, it is expected of you to take a decision that is conducive and agreeable to both.



You have an idea and want to execute it. But your spouse thinks otherwise. Instead of going all out and running into an argument, it would be best to sit, reason and try to convince. An understanding and reasoning tone always keeps matters within control.


Attend functions

This could be a little tiring for you. Your spouse's family has a function and you are expected to attend it. It would always be good to go ahead and attend the function than raise eyebrows and hurt the feelings of your spouse.



The word sacrifice can be taken in various ways. It depends upon how you interpret it. It also depends upon the priorities one has in life. With marriage, some of these priorities change and it is upto you to decide what comes first.

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