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Think You Know All About White? Think Again. These Easy Tips Will Help You Wear White With Panache

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One need not have a reason to love white, it's probably the most flattering shade. Most people can carry white easily and look great but there's more to white than it being easy to wear, isn't there? To begin with, choosing the right shade and texture, silhouette and fabric are the most important issues to address. Let's discuss those aspects of wearing white that can make or break an outfit or your entire look. Today, we're talking about the ways you can wear white this autumn/winter season and look your fashionable best.

As Dresses:

How To Wear White

White dresses are super elegant and you don't need to be a bride to pull them off. Be it maxi, midi or mini, a white dress can make you look regal and demure. Since white reflects lights very well, people who wear white tend to look a little chubbier than usual so if you're already on the heavier side make sure you wear fitted dresses rather than flowy ones. Accessorize white dresses with colored stoles, bags or jewellery. This will make you stand out no matter where you go, however, we think Sunday brunches are the best place to wear them to.

As Trousers:

How To Wear White

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Yes, they may look soiled a lot quicker than most colours but white trousers are the way to go this season. Pick fabrics like linen or denim for a more casual look, wear them with stripes or solids and you're good to go. The sheer beauty of having white pants on is enough to steal the show. There won't be any need for heavy accessories but if you feel like it try a chunky metal watch and a tote bag. For the ultimate runway look make sure you roll up your trousers a bit so your ankles can peek. Strappy sandals are a must!

As Shirts:

How To Wear White

One can never go wrong with white shirts. It's a very classy piece that every one must have in their wardrobes through the year. We need to learn to enjoy our whites rather than condemn them as boring or dull, white fabric gives you a lot of room for experimentation. For a formal look go for a chic, opaque white shirt which is neatly pressed. Brownie points if you can tuck it into trousers or a skirt. For a casual evening look, sheer or linen shirts will do just fine. You can dress it up or down depending on where you're going and with whom.

Ready to pick some white this autumn/winter? Comment down below, we want to know!

Story first published: Tuesday, September 29, 2015, 11:31 [IST]
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