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Wow! Top Stylish White Shirt Combination For Men And Women


You can't really ignore a white shirt, can you? A white shirt has become a sort of mandatory and we are pretty sure it's hard to imagine a wardrobe with a white shirt in it. Over a period of time, the white shirt has become a staple formal wear as it exudes professional vibes. The white shirt makes us think of our uniforms in school, which is probably why white shirts get an upper hand in a professional environment. Apart from the formal quotient, a white shirt is also fluid as it can be combined and paired with a number of outfits. For instance, you can team a white shirt with pants and you can also team it with a skirt. However, white shirts are not just limited to formal wear; a white shirt can also be informal wear. In the article, we have talked about all the possible combinations with a white shirt for men and women. So, be it formal or informal, here's how you can play with a white shirt.

White Shirt Combinations For Women

Source: Zara

White Shirt With A Long Skirt

We are pretty sure you know about the white shirt and short skirt combination but you can also give a white shirt and long skirt also a try. A white shirt paired with a long A-line skirt can also be ideal office wear. If you pair your white shirt with a vibrant lehenga skirt, it can make for a wonderful festive and wedding wear. So next time, you can definitely pair your white shirt with a long skirt.

Source: FableStreet

White Shirt With Trousers

Now that's a classic combination and a lot of women love wearing white shirts and trousers to the office. Grey trousers look the best with a white shirt but if you are bored with white shirt-grey trousers or white shirt-black trousers, you can opt for myriad hues such as blue, pink, lemon yellow, and more. Well, a white shirt and trousers look awesome.

Source: PostFold

The Half-Tucked White Shirt And Flared Pants

While white shirts and trousers make for a good formal combination, white shirt and flared pants can make for a perfect informal pairing. So, you can half-tuck white shirt and pair it with high-waist flared pants. You can sport it on casual occasions and even house parties.

White Shirt And Embellished Midi Skirt

Other than your office, you can also popularise white shirt combination at the parties. So, this time, you can wear a white shirt and team it with a midi balloon flared skirt that it is sequinned or embellished. It will make you look awesome and as far as your white shirt is concerned, you can unfasten the top few buttons or tie a knot.

Source: Mango

White Shirt And Leather Jacket

You can also team your white shirt with a leather jacket in order to ace the perfect street-style look. The white shirt and a leather jacket can make you look classy without doing much. Also, along with a black leather jacket, you can also wear leather pants to complete the look.

White Shirt And Leather Shorts

A simple white shirt and leather shorts combination can look awesome but if you want to elevate your look, you can wear leather shorts over a long white shirt. This combination would be unconventional and can make for jaw-dropping street-style wear and party outfit.

Source: Promod

White Shirt And White Pants

You can also try a white-on-white combination in order to look a class apart. So, you can take a long white shirt and team it with white jeans. Also, you can wear a belt above your waist like the model in the picture. This is a particularly good combination when you are travelling.

Source: H&M

White Shirt And Stockings Or Jeans

For a semi-formal look, you can team your white shirt with a pair of jeans. This pairing can also make for casual wear but you can also team your long white flared shirt with black stockings to give a party style look. White shirt and stockings is a little unusual combination but it's worth it if you can pull it off.

White Shirt Combination For Men

Source: Blackberrys

White Shirt And Trousers

White shirt and trousers are a classy combination and something that you could wear to the office. Also, when it comes to teaming with a white shirt, you can play around a bit by pairing your white shirt with pants dipped in hues like dark green.

Source: Ralph Lauren

White Shirt And Tie

The best part about a white shirt is that you can team it with any patterned or coloured tie. Be it blazing red or patterned black, any kind of tie can go with a white shirt. However, do avoid wearing blazing red to your workplace.

Source: Hugo Boss

White Shirt And Shorts

Now, who says you can't give your white shirt an informal spin. You very well can by teaming your white shirt with shorts. It can give you a smart look and this combination is perfect, in case you are looking forward to travelling.

The Asymmetrical White Shirt

You can also buy an oversized asymmetrical white shirt with overlapping details and pair it with distressed denims. This will make you stand apart and make for a perfect informal look. So, next time you are thinking of spending time with your friends, this is what you should wear.

White Shirt And White Pants

You can also make a statement by doing some match-up. So, you can experiment a bit by pairing your crisp white shirt with white pants. This will make you look distinctive and a class apart. Also, you can pair your white shirt with a brown sleek belt like the model in the picture.

So, which white shirt combination are you looking forward to? Let us know that.

Story first published: Sunday, April 12, 2020, 13:00 [IST]
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