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From Formals To Printed, 20 Shirts For Men To Pair With Blue Pant, Jeans, Or Trousers


Be it pants, trousers, or jeans, a blue-coloured bottoms is the most evergreen trend, which every man must be definitely having in his fashion wardrobe. Whether you are in the office or a formal meeting or even hanging out with friends, a pair of blue jeans or trousers can be worn at any place. This also makes the blue colour the safest of all colours because you can't go wrong with it. There are a plenty of combinations that can be made with blue pants. From plain to printed to florals, you can team any type of shirt with your all-time favourite blue bottoms. But pairing it with right kind of shirt is very important because of course, wearing a graphic printed shirt at formal meetings or a formal shirt at parties will definitely be a bit bizarre. So, to avoid such embarrassing moments, one should definitely have knowledge about what to wear at what event. To help you out, we have come up with 20 blue pant combination shirts for different events. Check the list below.

For Formal Meetings

While dressing up for formal meetings, we usually end up wearing plain shirts. Talking about the best blue pant combination shirts for formal meetings, we suggest you to go for only light colours. Tuck it with your blue pants and you are ready to leave an impression on your boss. Here are the kinds of shirt, which you can pick for formal events.

Source- Peter England

1. Plain White Shirt

Whenever we talk about formal shirts, the one colour that pops out is white. It's like a fashion staple for formal events. A white formal shirt is the safest shirt as it's classic, simple, and boosts confidence. You can either just team the shirt with your blue pants or can also pair it with a tie for a better formal look.

Source- Van Heusen

2. Plain Pink Shirt

A pink coloured plain shirt is also a good option to pair with your blue pants. It's the colour which will make you look neither over-dressed nor under-dressed. The best part about pink coloured shirt is you can opt for any shade whether light or dark and team it with any blue shade.

Source- Peter England

3. White Checked Shirt

There is no doubt about it that a plain white shirt is the most ideal shirt for formal events but just for a change, you can also opt for a white checked shirt to pair it with you blue pants. The checkered pattern can be of any type- intricate, thin or block.

Source- Lifestyle

4. Plain Blue Shirt

White and pink are fine, but how about pulling blue-on-blue look? Sounds good, right! Blue is a very reliable and cool colour to sport. But while dressing up, make sure you pair a light shade shirt with dark shade pants as it's the most ideal match.

Source- Peter England

5. Beige Shirt

White, blue, and pink are the colours which you have already been sporting since a long time. So, this time why not try something different and make your look a little interesting too. Ever played with beige colour? If not, give it a shot; pair it with your blue bottoms and up your style game.

For Daily Office Wear

Office is a place, where you need to look a little formal but sporting a way too formal look will get you in a weird situation, especially when you get noticed by your colleague. Also, you can't even dress up in eye-catching prints. But there are several prints that can be used for formal wear as well. Check here.

Source- Ajio

6. Pin Dot Shirt

Pin dots are very cheerful prints. Of course, every man looks handsome in a blue shirt and the subtle dotted prints just help catch everyone's attention. Not just blue, you can also pick some other pink dot print detailed shirt like maroon, white, green, or black to pair with your blue bottoms.

Source- Van Heusen

7. Checked Shirt

Another print that makes a perfect office wear is checked prints or patterns. Pink checked prints, block checkered prints, and intricate checked prints are the types, which you can opt to sport at office on daily basis.

Source- Lifestyle

8. Striped Shirt

Like checked shirt, striped shirt also comes in various types like horizontal, vertical, pin, and wide. The interesting fact about striped shirt is you don't need to wear a tie with it as the lovely prints are enough to enhance your formal look.

Source- Myntra

9. Plaid Shirt

A plaid shirt is the shirt that contains crossed horizontal and vertical stripes in two or more colours. There are eight types of plaid patterns- tartan, gingham, checkered, Madras, windowpane, houndstooth, glen, and tattersall. However, tartan plaid is what that works the best for office.

Source- Peter England

10. Plain Black Shirt

It's not necessary that you can only wear printed and checkered shirt at office on daily basis. You can even pair dark colour shirts with your light blue pants. A plain black shirt is the favourite shirt among men. Every guy definitely has a plain black shirt in his fashion wardrobe. So, you can even nail your not-so-formal look in a black shirt.

For Party

If you think shirts are made only for formal meetings and offices, darling, you need to know a lot more as there are numerous types of shirt available in the market. Some shirts are alsoparty-perfect. Not just party, there are a few shirts that you can also sport at wedding functions. Take a look.

Source- AliExpress

11. Chinese Collar With Flower Print

Going on a date tonight? Here is the perfect shirt for your special day. For instance, wear a maroon shirt like in the picture, which consists of Chinese collar and has a white flower print at one side.. And of course, the pulled up sleeve will make your girl go crazy for you.

Source- Custom Shirt You Design

12. Blue Satin Shirt

If you can slay blue-on-blue look at formal events, why not at weddings? No we are not talking about the same formal shirt. Here, you can opt for a satin blue shirt and pair it with your favourite blue bottoms.

Source- Custom Shirt You Design

13. Black Satin Shirt

Be it at office or party, a black coloured shirt will always make you look well-dressed. But since you are looking for a wedding-perfect shirt, all you need is a satin-fabric shirt of the same colour. Not just the colour looks attractive, but the fabric's shine will itself do all the talking.

Source- Hawes & Curtis

14. Burgundy Satin Shirt

Just like the black shirt, a burgundy-coloured satin shirt will also work the best for wedding functions. You can slay it with your blue bottoms and a pair of shoes. But if you are little unsure about its shiny fabric, you can layer your shirt with a coat or blazer.

Source- Bewakoof

15. Shirt With T-shirt

Hitting the club tonight? Wear your casual black or white tee and layer it with a checkered shirt to look dapper. There are also a lot of shirts available in the market which comes with attached T-shirt. You can also buy that to avoid confusion on which shirt to team with which T-shirt.

For Casual Gatherings

When it comes to dressing up for office, formal meetings or party, you still have an idea of what to wear where. But casual gatherings like family dinners, visit to a restaurant, trip with friends, or visit to malls are some events or places, where you get a little confused to pick a suitable shirt with your blue jeans. Here are some types of shirt which you can pick for casual outings.

Source- Myntra

16. Denim Shirt

Denims are loved by all! Denims also has some different types, like ripped, fancy and plain. The plain ones look decent at family gathering while the ripped ones are perfect for fancy restaurants. You can team your denim shirt with blue pants but denim jeans will work the best here.

Source- Flipkart

17. Colour Block Shirt

Colour block T-shirts are what you have been playing with from so long. So, add a twist to your style game with colour-block shirts this time. You can wear this shirt for family dinners or even day outing with your girlfriend as it looks super stylish.

Source- Jack & Jones

18. Floral Shirt

Floral shirts are something which you can wear for the entire day. So, whether you are going to market or mall just put on your footwear and you are good to go. Floral shirts are what you can also wear for festivals or religious functions.

Source- Myntra

19. Polo Shirt

A polo shirt is the form of shirt, which consists of a collar, a placket neckline with three buttons, and an optional pocket. Polo shirts can be plain, colour-blocked, or printed. You can pick any kind of polo shirt for any kind of casual gathering.

Source- Kohl's

20. Graphic Shirt

A graphic shirt is that form of shirt, which contains printed material whether text or images. A graphic shirt can also have a 3D effect to add fashion quotient. These kind of shirts are what you can opt for if you are visiting malls or any other fancy places.

So, what do you think about these shirts? Which shirt will you pick for what event? Let us know that in the comment section.

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