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How To Be The Best Cook?

Do you feel cooking is a task? While some feel it to be a rocket science, others have mastered the art of cooking.

Well, for all the beginners out there cooking can seem like a rocket science! But, once you start cooking and when everyone appreciates your cooking, you have surely mastered the art!

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As you start cooking, only then will you realise the taste of cooking and will get better at it day by day.

In order to give the best taste to every dish that you cook, there are certain things that you'll need to keep in mind.

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These simple tips can surely help you bring in that great taste for all of your dishes.

So, take a look at these simple steps to follow the right way to cook and be the best cook ever.


Cook Under A Low Flame:

When you are preparing sabji, specially beans, make sure to keep the flame low. Though this takes time, the nutrients and colour of the beans will not change.


Sprinkle Water:

The other important tip to remember when you cook sabji or gravy is not to add excess amount of water at a single time. When you prepare a sabji, sprinkle water as you prepare it. And when you prepare gravy, add water accordingly for every five to ten minutes. Though gravy has to be in a liquid form, if you add too much of water, the taste can vary and the gravy might not look great!


Keep The Kitchen Clean At All Times:

The most important thing to remember while you prepare any dish is to keep your kitchen clean. No matter what, as and when you cut the vegetables, make sure to throw the waste in the dustbin. Maintaining a proper hygiene is very important when you cook food.


Use A Sharp Knife:

When you chop vegetables, make sure to use a sharp knife, so that you can cut the veggies faster. Meanwhile, make sure to be careful as you chop the vegetables too.


Use Aluminium Vessels Too:

Did you know that by cooking in aluminium vessels, the food can actually taste good? Yes, once in a while, use these vessels instead of steel or non-stick cookware.


Wait Till Your Dish Is Cooked Well:

Even if you are in a hurry, make sure the dish is cooked well. If you switch the stove off even before the food is cooked, at the end, you are at risk of eating the uncooked food. So, have patience until the food is cooked properly.


Buy Fresh Vegetables:

We understand that buying vegetables every day is a tough task in this busy schedule. However, the actual taste of every dish lies in the freshness of the vegetables that we use to cook.


Chop Vegetables When You Need Them:

Most people believe that, cutting more vegetables and storing them is a good idea, as it saves a lot of time. But, trust me, by doing this, you might save time; however, the freshness of the vegetables will not last for long, as the moisture content in the vegetables will be absorbed.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 4, 2016, 12:41 [IST]