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Simple And Useful Daily Hacks For Cooking


Why do you want to cry every morning? If you're wondering if this question sounded odd, well, I am speaking about cutting 'onions'.

Most women wake up early to prepare delicious dishes for their loved ones. So, we cut vegetables, grind the masala, etc, just to make sure the dish is fresh and tasty.

However, did you know that if you follow some simple rules, you can actually save a lot of your time and also make the dish taste more perfect.

So, today we shall share with you some of the simple and useful daily hacks that you can apply in cooking.

One of the simple dishes that we prepare is the white plain rice.

We think that preparing rice is no big deal, but sometimes we add more water and the rice turns out to be too soft, which does not taste good. So, what do we do at times like these? How do we solve this issue?

So, take a look at this article for simple and useful daily hacks that are best suited to be applied for cooking purposes. Follow these simple hacks and enjoy cooking!


For White Rice

If you want your rice to be pure white and grainy, add one teaspoon of oil or one teaspoon of lemon juice to the raw rice along with the normal water quantity.

Make sure you cook until two to three whistles; and your white rice is ready to be served. This type of white rice taste is best suited for lemon rice, pulav and other masala rice recipes. This is the simple and useful daily hack that you can try while you cook.


For Raw Onions

Onions give the best taste to any dish that we prepare. But chopping the onions can be quite a painful task. So, here is a simple and useful hack that you can try. All you need to do is to take a bowl and fill it with water.

Chop the onions into two equal parts. Immerse the chopped pieces into the water bowl. Leave it for ten minutes and then start cutting the onions. If you follow this method, I bet you will not cry this time while you chop those onions!


For Ladies finger (Okra)

Okra has several health benefits and is one of the best vegetables for kids. But as you start cutting it, the vegetable becomes too greasy and sticky.

Worry not. To get over this, all you need to do is coat the knife with some lemon drops and then start chopping it. By doing so, the okra does not become greasy even while you fry it. Try this simple and useful daily hack.


For Green Leafy Veggies:

Green vegetables and green leaves such as spinach, coriander leaves, methi leaves and many others are very healthy. However, as soon as you get it from the market, the leaves fade out and become too dull.

So, what you need to do is neatly seperate the strands and tranfer this to a wet cloth and keep it in a plastic box, which can be placed in the fridge. By doing this, the green leaves stay fresh for a minimum of five days.


For Green Chillies

If you want your green chillies to remain fresh for long, remove the stem of the chilli and transfer it to a box. The green chillies can remain fresh for more than a week.


For The Cooker:

Have you been worrying how to remove the stain from the inside base of the cooker? Here is a solution. While you keep the cooker on the stove to cook rice or any other item, what you need to do is to add two pieces of lemon or tamarind inside the cooker with some amount of water.

You will see that after three whistles, the cooker does not turn black or brown in colour. This is one of the best and a very simple useful daily hack that you can try.


For Bananas

When you get fruits, never keep bananas along with the rest of the fruits, as bananas can easily spoil the other fruits. So, keep the bananas and other fruits in two different baskets.


For Ginger

When you want to peel the skin of the ginger, never use a knife, by doing so, half the layer of the ginger can be removed. So, always use a steel spoon to peel the skin of the ginger.


For Onions Again

One more important useful hack for kitchen and cooking is, never cut onions and keep it in a box.

As the box will smell really bad if you store the chopped raw onions in it for a few hours. To save time, you can chop all the required vegetables overnight and you can store them in the fridge, but never try it with onions.


For Eggs

If you want to know whether the eggs are fresh or not, take a bowl and fill it with water. Place the eggs in water, if the egg floats, then the egg is bad, throw it right away.

And if the egg sinks into the water, it's fresh. This is one of the simple and useful daily hacks that you need to know.

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