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The Best Anti-Ageing Beauty Hacks That You Must Try
We all want to preserve our youthful skin for as long as we can. Sagging and wrinkled skin does not appeal to anyone. But as we age, we feel our skin changing in texture and appearance and that worries us. While ...
16 Eyeliner Tips That You Need To Know!
"Never ask a girl with a winged liner why she's late". This is quite a popular meme that almost every girl can relate to. Make-up today isn't that simple like it used to be. And the charm of a perfectly lined ...
Easy DIY Home Decor Tricks
Home is indeed where the heart is. Irrespective of what we do with our careers or what our workplace is, the one place all of us want to return back to is our home. That is why, most of us leave ...
Easy Diy Home Decor Tricks
How To Pick A Nude Lipstick For Your Skin Tone
Nude lipsticks are iconic and go with pretty much every look. They are also perfect for every occasion. A lot of Indians shy away from using nude lipsticks because of the fear that the lipstick may wash them out or make ...
Make Your Lipstick Last Long With These Amazing Tips
Make Your Lipstick Kiss-Proof With These Amazing Tips There are certain things in life that are best enjoyed for a short period of time and there are certain things that you wish would last for a long time. So, the lifeline ...
Make Your Lipstick Last Long With These Amazing Tips
Smart Tips To Make Your House Dust-Free
There are some things in life which are so persistent that they refuse to leave our way. Now ladies, let's not let our imaginations run wild, we are talking about the one thing that conquers our entire home without our permission, ...
Simple Makeup Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Big
Not everyone is blessed with big, beautiful eyes. Everyone has different eye shapes and all shapes are beautiful. Sometimes, you would like to do a little makeover and get a different look altogether, isn't it? For example, creating an illusion of ...
Simple Makeup Trciks To Make Eyes Look Big
Makeup Tips To Make Face Look Thin
Makeup is a powerful tool. It not only enhances your facial features but also makes you feel good too. You can get any kind of a look you want if you know how to use your tools. Some of us do ...
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