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Quick And Easy Tricks To Keep Your Eyelashes Curled The Entire Day

If you are into make-up, you know the charm of long and fluttery eyelashes is irresistible. Curled eyelashes instantly make you look wide awake and more put-together. When in a rush, playing with your lashes can always make you look more poised and attractive. The problem is keeping the look throughout the day.

Curling your lashes is a fairly easy job. Holding that curl is what gives us nightmares. Within a few hours of curling the lashes, they start to droop and we are back to square one with straight and limp lashes that aren't even visible. Don't worry we've got the solution to your problem.

These simple tricks will make sure that your lashes hold that curl all day long. Here we go!


1. The Hot Curler Trick

This is the simplest trick of all with an amazing guaranteed outcome. To make this trick work, all you need is an eyelash curler and dryer. Your curler might curl your lashes but it does nothing to keep the eyelashes curled all day long. What you need is a boost. Before you curl your lashes, heat it up a little using the dryer. This trick works in a similar fashion to your curling iron. The heat holds the curl in place. You have got to be careful while using this trick. The curler should be heated to a perfect temperature. Do not heat it too much else it will burn your eyes and lashes. Check the temperature of the curler on the back of your hand. And remember to heat the curler again before moving on to your other eye.


2. The Section Trick

The second trick we have for is one of the most popular tricks that works like a charm. Normally when you curl your lashes, you would place the curler at the base of your lashes and pump the curler a few times and be done with it. What this does is to lift your lashes not give it the smooth curl. What we want you to do is work on your entire lash section wise. So, after you have curled your base, place the curler in the middle of your lashes and curl again. Again, move to the end of your lashes and curl again. You will notice a beautiful curl on your lashes once you are done. You can also heat the curler before using it to make the trick more effective.

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3. The Vaseline Trick

If you have dull-looking lashes, this trick will sprinkle life into your lashes and keep them curled the entire day. To do this trick, you need some vaseline and an eyelash curler. Using a Q-tip, apply the vaseline all over your lashes. Then, curl your lashes like you would normally do with an eyelash curler. For best results, curl the entire lash just like we told you in the trick above.

The moisture that the vaseline provides helps to hold the curl in your lashes. It also makes your lashes look so much better.

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4. The Spoon Trick

The last trick we have up our sleeves is a little on the wild side and needs you to be really careful so as not to damage your eyes. All you need is a spoon and a huge mirror for this trick. So, if you do not have an eyelash curler, you are in luck. Flip the spoon upside down so that the deeper side of it is facing down. Now, place the spoon right under your lashes. This is the tricky part. There are high chances of you poking your eyes, so be very careful while placing the spoon. After you have careful places the spoon, push your lashes into the bulged-out portion and using your index finger and thumb hold the lash for a few seconds. Repeat the process until you cover the entire lash and then move to your other lash.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 3, 2020, 14:18 [IST]
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