Simple Tricks To Make Soft Chapati

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 Rotis and chapatis are a staple food across India. Chapatis is one of the dishes that can be prepared within minutes . However, some people complain that no matter what tricks they use, the chapatis are never soft.

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While we cook food, it is important for us to know the correct method and procedure of preparing the food. Similarly, to make soft chapatis there are some simple ways listed here for you to try. The key for making a soft chapati is to add hot water to the wheat flour and then keeping it aside for a while (about 30 minutes).

The important thing you should remember is to never add more flour, while you flatten the dough when rolling it. These are the things to keep in mind while making soft chapatis.

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So, today we shall teach you how to make soft chapatis. These are the simple tips that you need to follow to make soft chapatis.

Wheat Flour - 3 cups
Hot Water
Salt to taste


Step 1:
Take a bowl and add the wheat flour. To it add salt.
Now add 1 cup of hot water.
Keep it aside for half an hour.

Making Chapatis

Step 2:
After half an hour, start mixing the content to make a soft dough.
Knead the dough on a neat and flat surface. Continue doing it for 10 minutes.

Making Chapatis

Step 3:
Add water accordingly. Do not add more water.
Make sure there is no flour left in the bowl.
Leave it for 10 minutes.

Making Chapatis

Step 4:
Now to make soft chapatis, make small round balls from the dough.
Take the rolling pin and finely flatten the dough.
Note: Do not use too much flour while you roll the dough.
Chapatis often become hard, if you use more flour on either sides of the dough when rolling them.

Making Chapatis

Step 5:
Heat the pan and then place the rolled dough.
Do not add more oil when the chapati is placed on the pan.
Heat the chapati on either sides in low flame.

Now, you can serve the hot and soft chapatis with gravy or sabji.
Do try this new method of making a chapati and let us know your feedback.

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