Fruit Face Packs For A Clear Skin

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We often crave to get a clear and flawless skin. However, some or the other skin problem spoils the beauty of our face and often leaves behind a dark scar. For example, pimples, pigmentation, sun tan, dark spots, under eye dark circles etc are some of the common skin problems that leaves a stain on the skin.

To maintain a flawless and clear skin, you often do a lot of things. For example, you apply creams and special face washes to treat your skin and get a flawless beauty. However, nothing works and dark spots remain clearly visible. So, if you want to get a clear skin, you can try some cost-effective home remedies.

Doctors advice us to follow a healthy diet. Well, including fruits and vegetables is one of the basics to get a clear skin. However, oral appliance of fruits can be another way to get a clear skin naturally.

There are many fruits that offer a lot of skin benefits. So, to get a clear and glowing skin, you can try some fruit face packs. They are homemade and natural too. So, you will not find it expensive or a skin care product with side effects. There are many fruits that are used for skin care. From papaya to bananas, these fruits can be mashed and mixed with other home ingredients like honey, lemon and curd to prepare homemade face packs. So, for a clear skin, here are some homemade fruit face packs that you can try.

Fruit Face Packs For A Clear Skin:



Strawberry face packs can treat a lot of skin problems like sun tan and acne. To get a clear skin, mash strawberries and mix with milk or yogurt. Apply on the face thrice a week.



To get a clear skin, you can try this fruit face pack. Mash a ripe banana and mix it with yogurt and honey. This face pack treats acne and also brings a glow on the face.



It is one of the fruits that is good for the skin. Watermelon acts as a natural exfoliant which can help get a clear and glowing skin naturally.



Apples are one of the fruits that not only offers health but skin benefits as well. Apart from treating acne, apple face packs are also good for treating tanned skin.



The citrus juicy fruit can help lighten your skin complexion and clear it from within. You can use the pulp, juice and the peels of the fruit for skin care.



The papaya pulp can be mixed with milk or curd to prepare a homemade fruit face pack. It treats acne and also reduces dark spots from the skin.



Prepare a homemade fruit face pack by mixing grounded fresh cherries with rose water. It cleanses the skin, reduces blemishes and also helps get rid of acne.



The red tomato pulp and its natural juices cleanses the skin, exfoliates and lightens the complexion. Rub the face with a tomato slice to get maximum results.


Red Plums

Make a homemade fruit face pack using red plum and milk. Apply it on the acne and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water to get a clear skin naturally.



It is a natural skin toner which cleanses the skin, scrubs it and removes excess oil. Massage the face with pomegranate juice.



This is another fruit that can be used to make a lot of homemade fruit face packs. To get a clear skin, use avocado with yogurt or honey. The fruit is good for skin care as it has potassium which nourishes the skin and brings a glow on your face.



Cucumber provides a cooling effect on the skin and is also used to lighten dark spots and dark circles.



Kiwi fruit face pack is perfect for treating sun tan naturally. Puree the kiwi and mix with yogurt to prepare a homemade fruit face pack for a clear and tan-free skin.



There are many ways to use a lemon. As lemon acts as a natural bleach, you can use it as an ingredient in homemade fruit face pack to get a clear skin.



Both red and green grapes are good for skin care. However, to treat acne and pimples, use red grapes as it treats the skin problem from its roots.



The red juicy and tangy fruit lightens white patches from the skin. Use the juice or mash the berries to make a homemade fruit face pack.



Blackheads can make your nose and face look dark and ugly. To get rid of this skin problem, use raspberries. Rub a raspberry on your nose in upward position for fifteen minutes. After this beauty treatment, use cotton wool dipped in milk and wipe your nose.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 17:11 [IST]
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