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Zodiac Signs That Are Most Nervous


No doubt, everybody faces anxiety. It is a human trait and an obvious thing to feel so. But there are some people who would get nervous even at the littlest of things.

And it is astrology that can help us find that out. Yes, based on your zodiac sign you can find out how nervous a person you are and when you get nervous. Here is a list of the most nervous zodiac signs. Read to know if you are one on the list.



Geminis take up a task and then think they are not good enough for it. Be they right or wrong, it is definitely true that they underestimate their potential. It is out of a desire to show that they are really responsible that they sometimes take up a job which might be too big for them. They constantly worry that they might disappoint someone. Their anxiety is what also makes them a bit indecisive.

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Virgos do not actually need a reason to worry about. When sitting idle they start pondering over odd matters and then suddenly land at a thought which pushes them to worry excessively. The fact that they saw a crime series on the Internet today is sufficient enough to make them worry with the fear of being murdered or robbed just as they watched in a movie lately. Moreover, they are perfectionists which means they can pressurise themselves well, for better work and then get nervous if the target seems difficult to be achieved.

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No, Pisces are not just emotional and helpful but they are introverts as well. They cannot open up so easily before people. This leads them not to trust people easily since they haven't spoken to them many a time. While they would first feel nervous while speaking to them, the next level of nervousness is reached when they tell something secretive and realize they should not have done that. Their helpful nature brings them close to people but they fail to overcome their nervousness.

Pisces Yearly Horoscope



Well, Librans are another of the emotional signs. They take a decision and then get nervous about it. The fear of being disliked also makes them nervous. The fear of not being liked might also make them nervous. From looks to behaviour they have a habit of thinking twice about these and get nervous if they realize having made a mistake. They like to have a comfortable and friendly environment around, and if it does not exist, it makes them feel nervous among those strangers.

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The sensitive water sign Cancer is also on the list. They are emotional, caring and hence sensitive as well. Being with the person whom they have a crush on but haven't informed them of it yet, Cancerians feel shy and nervous. Another cause of their nervousness is failure. Failure is something they can never take easily. Once failed they might even decide to hide in a self-developed niche and it is only after they are boosted up again by their friends that they will show up again. Until then, not being able to face the people around is also due to nervousness.

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