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How Numerology Can Reveal The Secret Of Your Love Life; Read Here!

Numerology plays a major role in a person's love life. Learning about the connection between the numbers and love life can be very interesting.

Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the interesting information on the connection between numerology and a person's love life.

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In some cases, there are certain names and date of births,which on totaling the sum give two-digit numbers. In such cases, the double digits should be added to get a single number and this is the thumb rule of numerology to get the accurate results.

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Check out on how numerology and one's sex or love life is linked.


Number 1:

According to numerology, this number denotes that the person is quite aggressive as far as their sexuality and sexual tendencies are concerned. It represents the person's intensity and their ego as a lover, for which they are often admired by others.


Number 2:

This number denotes that the person is passive and delicate. They are mysterious and yet a shy lover. At times, they tend to be romantic, while at other times, their sexuality conceals their romantic nature.


Number 3:

People whose number is 3 denotes their theatrical sexuality. They are quite inventive as far as sexual activities are concerned. Sex is a source of happiness and fantasy for them.


Number 4:

According to numerology, people whose number is 4 bask under intense sexuality, while at other times, their sexual desires are generally blocked by their violence and sensitivity.


Number 5:

These people are said to be quite intense as far as their sexual nature is concerned. Fantasies are a must for them, as they love to experiment and try out new things. They also pay more attention to fulfill their partner's sexual needs and desires.


Number 6:

People whose number is 6 are said to be less romantic. They are affectionate and feel that sex is required only for reproduction and love.


Number 7:

People whose number is 7 look quite subtle, passionate and timid. But they are a sexual volcano by nature. They are not only an opportunistic lover, but are said to be easily influenced by powerful people, which gets them into trouble.


Number 8:

People whose number is 8 are said to love self-eroticism, masturbation, and attraction that is related to the intellect, which are common parts of their nature. They are said to be very cold by nature as far as sexuality is concerned.


Number 9:

For people of this number, inventiveness and experimentation on sex are ways to let go of their anxiety. Some of these people cannot be loyal to one person, hence, monogamy may not apply for this number.

So, what is your number?

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