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What Does The Half Moon Shape On Your Nails Mean?

There are many things that we believe in life. From palmistry to astrology and to the marks that are found on our hands, they do have their own significance.

Here are some of the beliefs regarding the half moon shape on our nails. There is a deep meaning to it and here, we are about to explain about it.

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The study of nails is known as "Onychomancy". It is all about studying the fingernails of a person to predict a lot about a person's personality as well as what might happen to him/her in the coming future.

So, check out on the actual meaning of the half moon that can be observed on the nails.


Half Moon On The Index Finger

Half moon on the index finger indicates promotion and some good news. So, if you are expecting your appraisal and if the half moon sign is present on your index finger, then good news is around the corner!


Half Moon On The Finger Of Saturn

The Saturn finger is also known as the longest or middle finger. A half moon sign on this finger indicates that the person shall derive benefits from a machinery-related industry.


Half Moon On The Apollo Finger

The half moon present on the ring finger is a clear-cut indication that the person shall soon lead a better life and also there will be a rise in the status of the person.


Half Moon On The Little Finger

When a person has half moon shape on their little finger, it is a clear-cut indication to show that the person will soon be at the receiving end of profits that would be nearly double or triple!

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Half Moon On The Thumb

If you have a half moon on the thumb, then it indicates that the person will soon be hearing an auspicious news. They would even get sudden success later in life as well.


Big Half Moon Meaning

Yeah, we know that the nail is growing! But if the half moon covers almost half of the nail, then the person needs to be prepared to hear some bad news as well.


If You Do Not Have Any Half Moon On The Fingers, It Means…

If you do not have half moon on your nails, then it means that your metabolism is overloaded and one needs to start taking care of their health and follow an ideal well-balanced health regimen.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 1, 2017, 12:28 [IST]