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Signs That Can Predict An Early Death

According to the Puranas, Vedas or Shastras cater to the thirst of awareness for all the humans. Be it the karma, dharma or any other shastra, these scriptures have knowledge of almost everything around us.

According to these Puranas, there are a few signs that could define an early death of a person and here, we are about to share the details of these signs, as it is important to know about them.

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Check out on the signs that could define an early death of a person and one can take this as a warning sign of an end coming near.

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Note: These signs are predicted according to the scriptures and are not in relation to any personal experiences.


Sign #1

According to these scriptures, a person who cannot see the Pole Star is said to die within the space of that very year.


Sign #2

If the person sees a distorted image of the sun, then death could be round the corner, as it is given that the person can die within 11 months, in the scriptures.


Sign #3

It is said that if a person's footprint on the sand is incomplete, then there are chances that the person would die within 7 months.


Sign #4

It is said that if a vulture or a crow sits on a person's head, then it is a sure sign of sorrow. The death of the person is expected to take place in the next 6 months.


Sign #5

As per Puranas, it is said that if a person sees his distorted image or if he is surrounded by a cloud of dust, then the person would live in just 4-5 months.

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Sign #6

If a person sees lightning without rain or clouds around it, it indicates that the person would have only 2-3 months of time to live, as per scriptures.


Sign #7

If a person's feet turn dry within moments of them taking a shower, then there are chances that the person would die in the next 10 days!


Sign #8

When a lamp is extinguished; if the person cannot get the burning smell to linger on, then it is said that the person will have a short span of life.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 15:03 [IST]