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Superstitious Beliefs Around The World

Superstitious beliefs are a big part of thousands of people's daily lives. Although in post-modern society it is hardly believed, it does not have much of a place.

However, when you see the history, it has played a huge role in shaping up the culture and society of few of the regions in the world. Here in this article, we have shared the list of superstitious beliefs that we come across in our society.

Beliefs like one cannot bear the thought of stepping on sidewalk cracks and those who cannot complete a meal without throwing a pinch of salt over their shoulder, etc, are some of the weird superstitious beliefs around the world.

Find out more about these interesting superstitious beliefs that people follow; and we do not think that these superstitious beliefs will ever come to an end, as people do not wish to take any risk by not following them.

So, read on to know more.


Wedding Veil

According to the Roman history, a wedding veil is said to ward off evil spirits. The main purpose of these veils was intended to hide the faces of the brides, so that evil forces would not recognise them.


Don't Eat Lettuce If You Want To Have Children

During the 19th century, English men avoided consuming salads if they wanted to start a family. It was believed that the plant was detrimental to child-bearing, as it was a 'sterile' plant.


Never Chew Gum At Night

This was a superstitious belief followed in Turkey. It is believed that if you're chewing gum at night, you're actually chewing the flesh of the dead!! Yeah, you read it right!


If Your Skirt Turns Up, You'll Receive A New Dress

Now, this is sheer stupidity! It is believed that if the lower edge of a woman's skirt turns up and forms a kind of a pocket, then there are chances of some good fortune coming in the girl's way. What better way than getting a dress for yourself, right!


Eat Grapes At Midnight For Good Luck

In Spain on New Year's eve, people do not greet and wish each other. Instead they eat 12 grapes believing that it would get them good luck for 12 months.


If A Bird Poops You'll Be Rich

In Russia, it is considered to be lucky if the bird poops on you. It is considered as good luck, which may bring you riches. Remember, the more birds involved, the richer you'll be! Isn't it crazy?


Love Letters To Juliet

It is believed that writing a letter to Juliet and sticking the note on the wall of the shrine, where Juliet lived, is considered to be lucky for the people who are in love. Here, the visitors grab the right breast of the bronze statue of Juliet for luck in love.

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