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Signs That Reveal His Lust


If you have a boyfriend who seems to go crazy for you, the first thing you need to know is whether he is in lust with you or in love with you.

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If he just has desire for your body, you can ignore such a man or at least stop pinning your hopes on him as such a man seldom tries to promise you a married future.

Of course, if you too just want a momentary thrill then you can go ahead but if you want a concrete relationship that converts into marriage then you must be a bit alert to gauge his real intention.

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How would you do this? If you directly ask him, he may bluff. So, here are some signs which tell a lot about his actual intentions.


He Keeps Looking At The Wrong Places

A gentleman will wait for the right moment to stare at the beauty of his woman. He won't try to steal a look at you assets. If he is doing so, stop feeling happy, and doubt his intentions.


He Keeps Talking About Bedroom

If his conversations revolve around bedroom activities most of the time then it speaks a lot about the true colour of his thoughts. Yes, he wants to only sleep with you.


He Never Tries To Listen To Your Problems

When you approach him with a real problem, he seldom tries to help you. This clearly means that he is just there for the fun.


He Will Never Leave An Opportunity To Touch You

A man who lusts a woman just want to touch her every single time she lets him. So observe his actions. Is he trying to touch you all the time?


He Seldom Answers Your Call Or Text After A Steamy Date

If you have already offered him your beauty to quench his thirst, try calling him a few hours after your session or a day after that. A guy who cares will eagerly wait for you call and answer with passion. A womaniser would either ignore your call or speak without any passion.


He Calls Only When He's Horny

If your boyfriend calls you only when he is in the mood to break the bed then would you need any other proof that he just wants that from you?


He Tries To Avoid You When He Is With Attractive Women

A guy whose sole target is to sleep as much as possible will try to ignore you after he finishes his job with you. Such a man would ignore you soon.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 14, 2016, 7:37 [IST]
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