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Do Women Fantasise Other Men?

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A new study claims that nearly 73% of women fantasise a different guy during intercourse! Yes, at times, women dream about another man while romancing their partners! But wait, it doesn't mean women cheat.

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In fact, the urge to have some variety in bed gets fulfilled with such fantasies and this is what stops most of the women from cheating their partners, says a research.

When men get bored of their partners, they tend to stray but most of the women prefer not to do so. Instead, they prefer imagining another guy in their dreams.

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When a woman romances someone else in her dreams, it doesn't mean that she hates her partner. It is just a momentary pleasure. In fact, many surveys suggest that fantasising enhances monogamy and is healthy compared to cheating a partner.

Now, let us discuss certain reasons why women have to fantasise another man.


Fact #1

In a survey some women admitted that fantasising helps them kill the boredom in bedroom.


Fact #2

Some women said that fantasising helps them fulfill certain unfulfilled dreams. Yes, some women who failed in love in the past fantasise their lovers secretly.


Fact #3

Some women reported that they fantasise when they have a crush on a married man with whom they can't start a relationship due to their wedlock.


Fact #4

Nearly 60% of the working women said that they generally fantasise a colleague or a male boss with whom they are close at work.


Fact #5

Most of the women who have the habit of fantasising someone else other than their partners reported that they feel better when they do so as it releases the urge to stray out.


Fact #6

Nearly 27% of women claimed that no other man apart from their partners can even come to their minds when they are busy in bed.


Fact #7

As today's exposure levels are high, fantasising could be seen a natural phenomena. All of us are exposed to attractive people in college, at work, in public places and everywhere else we go. And any healthy mind would secretly desire to romance a good looking person with whom they can't start a relationship. So, there is nothing wrong in imagining things in mind.


Fact #8

The most obvious reason for a percentage of women to fantasise is men's failure in bed. Yes, some women reported that they fantasise other men only because their partners never satisfied them in bed.

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