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Why Abusive Women Are Abusive?

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Generally, we tend to label people as good or bad. Its easy to label and categorise people and stay away from them. But it is difficult to understand why someone is what they are.

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Yes, there are reasons for everything that happens in this world and the same applies to human personalities too.

A good person is good because his situations, genetics, environment and the people around him have played a role in making him good.

The same applies to the so-called bad people too. Certain situations, childhood conditions or people around them might have made them like that. But of course, understanding them doesn't mean that you have to be a victim all the time.

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It is healthy to keep negative people at a distance but at the same time, trying to help them change is a good thing. So, if you have been a victim of abusive women and are wondering what could be the reason behind their qualities then read on.


They Were Raised By Controlling Parents

Either the mother or the father of that person must have been a controlling personality. Generally, kids get some qualities through their parents either genetically or through observing daily.


They Have Deep Insecurities

Generally, insecure people have the tendency to control others. Some people who have unconscious fears and insecurities tend to get abusive because their minds tend to develop the urge to control something in the external world in order to forget the inner turmoil.


They Suffer Anxiety Issues

Generally, some people who suffer anxiety and restlessness tend to have the quality of finding a fault with everything and everything. Such people start the blame game.


They Hate Being A Woman

Yes, some women hate to be a woman. Of course, there are genuine reasons behind that. For centuries, women were suppressed by men. So, some women try to dominate men and feel victorious when they could suppress men.


They Think Exploitation Is Smartness

The society around us worships success and this has made us think that winning by hook or crook is all that matters. Some women who have embraced such ideas tend to think that exploiting someone is smartness.


They Have Misunderstood Leadership Qualities

Yes, even leadership qualities are being misunderstood by most of us. We tend to think dominating others or exploiting others is leadership. Shouting at others, using harsh words or pushing others isn't leadership.


They Get A High

For some, it just turns into an addiction. The first time when you abuse someone, you tend to get a rush. Gradually, if you get addicted to that 'high' you tend to become an abusive personality which is unhealthy.

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