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A Survey Reveals: What Turns Women On!

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It is a fact that even surveys can't determine what women want. But still, men are curious about the information that women give out about their preferences during such surveys.

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Well, in a recent survey, nearly 3000 women were asked what turns them on. It would have been great if all of them gave a single answer. But they gave different answers, which means, different women prefer different types of men.

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In fact, it is good to know that every man will have some woman liking his qualities or traits. Now, let us take a quick look at what those women really feel hotness is about.


Nerdy Look

This might surprise you but some adventurous women said that nerdy guys wearing spectacles would turn them on. May be such guys resemble intelligence.



Some women who participated in the survey were very straight forward. They simply said that money is all that they want from a man. So, maybe rich guys are what they want.



Surprisingly, some women said that a sweaty man who just had a tough workout turn them on instantly. They also said that muscles bulging out of their tight shirts would be a bonus.


Broad Shoulders

Broad shoulders and stubble seem to make some women crazy. Maybe such features signify a capable man.


Chest Hair

Some Indian women said that a bit of chest hair that reveals itself when a man leaves his first button open. Though most of the urban women like a shaved chest, some prefer the hair on a man's chest.



Sportsmen and swimmers are preferred by some women who get turned on after looking at men who are giving their best to an activity.


Caring Men

Caring men, men with pets and men with books seem to have some female fans. Yes, women above 30 seem to have a thing for such men.


Deep Voice

Men who can speak effectively with a deep voice on any subject seem to attract some women. Maybe they are the ones who love long conversations.


Round Butt

A round curvy and fluffy butt- this seems to turn some women on according to that survey. Well, most of us think that only men look at butts but now, we realise that even some women do that.

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Story first published: Monday, April 4, 2016, 8:40 [IST]
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