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Texting Habits Of Girls That Guys Hate

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Just like women, even guys do love texting. They too keep checking their phones very often especially when they are in a relationship. They too get curious about what answers they get from girls.

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Now, you must be wondering why your guy has stopped texting you in the recent past. Well, then your texting behaviour might have gone wrong. You must have come across like a boring girl. Or there could be other reasons.

Firstly, realise that even texting behaviour could make or break relationships as it speaks volumes about the kind of person you are.

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A study claims that guys try to read through the texts very deeply in order to understand and analyse the girl. So, you are being analysed through your texting behaviour too. Now, let us discuss what guys hate...


Taking Too Long To Reply

He tends to get bored if you take too long to answer any question especially when he is curious.


Giving Short Answers

When he types long paragraphs to explain his deep feelings, if you just text back with short replies like 'ok' and so on, he will soon find some other interesting girl.


When He Is Busy

When he is in his office, if you keep texting some nonsense, he will be disturbed. Men hate to be distracted when they are at work.


Texting Others

When you are with him, he wants your attention. If you keep texting and chatting with your friends, he will get bored.


Texting Vey Less...

When he texts frequently and initiates conversation and if you seldom text him to initiate a chat, he will get bored. He thinks you're not interested.


Ignoring His Compliments

When he gives you a compliment, thank him instead of feeling shy or ignoring it.


Asking About Your New Dress Frequently

Some girls go for shopping, buy new clothes, take pics or selfies of those clothes, send them to boyfriend and ask for opinions. Guys run away from such girls!

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