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Signs He Wants Your Attention

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Men try a lot to get your attention. Of course, you can ignore them if you wish to. But what if that cute boy who really deserves a hug tries to get your attention? Would you still ignore?

Well, though every man isn't a gentleman, there are some good men left on this planet. Before other women get them, it is better to settle down with one.

But how do you do that if you ignore all his signals? Yes, even gentlemen give certain subtle signals to indicate that they are interested in you. If you observe them, you can respond in a subtle way too.

If you ignore those signals, the man who is trying to win you will get bored and move one. Before that happens, know about these signs.


He Keeps Staring At You

Whenever you are around, all he tends to do is stare at you without blinking an eye. He does it without making it look ugly or embarrassing.


He Keeps Giving You Gifts

He just wants a reason to give you gifts. With or without an occasion, he tries to give you some or the other gift. He wants you to know that he likes you.


He Uses Facebook

His Facebook posts speak a lot about how much he likes you. He tries to indirectly get your attention through Facebook too.


When You're Sad

When you look a bit low, he tries to inquire about your heath and other things to make sure you are alright.


He Finds An Excuse To Talk To You

He just wants to talk to you all the time. So, he just finds an excuse to come to you and talk.


He's Not Scared To Express Love

He doesn't think twice to say 'I love you' to you. He does it in a very natural way to see your reaction. If you don't scold him then he'll admit that he's serious with you. If you scold him then he'll say that he's just loving you like a fellow human being without being romantic.


When You Confront

When you suddenly as him what the matter is, he feels shy and hides all his feelings. He will say "nothing" but he will not stop trying things to get your attention.

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