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Why Lust Blinds Men- Scientific Reasons

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Even the most intelligent man tends to behave irrationally when he is in love with a woman. And when lust dominates his relationship, he tends to lose his mind totally. What is the reason behind it?

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Why do men lose their minds when a temporary desire hits their minds? Well, there is a difference between love and lust. When a man is physically attached to a woman, it is lust and when a man is emotionally attached to a woman, it could be love.

This is why men who marry women basing only on physical attraction tend to regret later. When lust dominates their desire to marry, their intelligence fails to give them a signal that it is not going work.

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Why is it so? Let us look at certain facts to investigate this process.


Fact #1

When lust hits a man, the blood circulation gets enhanced to his privates. When both the brain and the private parts compete for enough blood, the privates win the battle and get enough share of blood. Maybe this is why men seem to lose their mind and 'reason' when they are filled with lust.


Fact #2

If you still think that men's intellect and brain works when they are filled with lust, ask a man to solve a sudoku puzzle when both of you are naked in the bedroom. Even an intellectual will lose focus and fail!


Fact #3

In a study, when men were allowed to talk to a beautiful woman for 5 minutes and an average woman for 5 minutes, their testosterone levels seemed to raise in both the occasions. This means that men get their hormonal surge when they are in the company of women whether they're beautiful or not.


Fact #4

When a man is waiting for his flight alone in an airport, his testosterone levels tend too be normal. But when a woman (stranger) suddenly sits next to him, waiting for the same flight, his T-levels suddenly rise.


Fact #5

Research suggests that the raise of testosterone levels is totally an unconscious phenomena on which men have little control. Evolution prepared men to get ready in a jiffy to mate or protect a woman.


Fact #6

Do you wonder why men brag about their achievements, status or power? Do you know why men try to show off their physical power when they are surrounded by women? Well, when a man feels conscious of a woman, his testosterone levels influence his posture, voice, gestures and (may be his speech too while he brags)!


Fact #7

In a study conducted on 1000 men, each man was called inside a room where another man is waiting for something. After 5 minutes of casual conversation, each man was sent to another room where a woman was waiting for something. After a casual conversation each man was sent out. When their T levels were compared, they were normal when the man was in the room with another man but there was a raise in T levels when the man spent 5 minutes in a room where another woman was there.

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