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Why Men And Women Misunderstand Each Other

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Sometimes, men find it difficult to understand women and sometimes, women find men's behaviour ridiculous.

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Though men and women are similar in many ways, they are different in certain ways. The way we think and behave may be different at times. This could make communication difficult at times.

Men and women naturally tend to misunderstand each other as there are slight changes in our biological makeups. Moods, emotions and hormones- there are so many factors that drive human beings.

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In this post, let us discuss about certain basic areas where men and women are different.


When Upset...

Men would prefer to brood silently. So, they should be left alone. But women expect others to talk when they're upset as they too prefer to talk instead of sitting silently.


Men Are Straightforward

When they say 'its fine', its fine. But when a woman says its fine, it isn't. Women expect men to find out the reason why something isn't fine, but men never do that as they think women too give straightforward answers.


Men Seldom Come Up With Questions...

Even after discussing a serious issue, men seldom have any questions to ask and this irks women because they seek clarity on every issue and so they tend to have many questions.


About Listening....

Women complain that men seldom listen and men think that listening means silently sitting next to her when she is saying something. Well, the proof that you're listening is, asking interesting questions while she is speaking.


Men Give Short Answers

When you ask a man "how's your day" he would just say "its fine" and walk away. But ask a woman and she prefers to sit and tell everything that happened in the day from the office gossip to the fight with her boss. So, basically women expect you to listen.


Men Assume, Women Clarify

Men just assume that you will tell them if there is anything wrong. Women hate this quality as women expect you to ask whether things are fine as women tend to clarify instead of assume.


Men Hate Repetitive Routine Questions

If you keep asking a man how's your day, several times a day thinking that he will be happy to have someone care for his well being, you're mistaken. He might get irritated to hear routine questions too many times. But women would love to have someone taking care of them and finding out how they're feeling.

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