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This Is How Men Flirt...


When men talk to you, you can easily guess whether they are just talking to you or flirting with you. Yes, most of the men do flirt. Some just do it randomly to try their luck and others do it just for fun.

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But wait, some men who are really interested to get close to you will also start the whole episode with flirting.

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If you get certain clues that he is flirting, then you can give a positive reaction to tell that you too are interested, but if you don't like all this then you can be upfront and show him the door. Now, here are the signs of flirting....


He Tries To Talk To You Frequently

This is the first obvious sign a man is trying to flirt. He will keep trying to find an opportunity to talk to you.


He Tries To Ask Questions

He will ask certain questions just to know more about you. You will get a clear indication that he is trying to know about you through his questions.


He Tries To Find Something In Common

Once he knows something about you, he will try to prove that there is a lot in common in both of you.


He Shows Affection

If your response is positive, he will start showing affection. This is one sign that he is interested in you.


His Face Glows When You Speak

Observe his face when you speak to him. He keeps blushing when you respond well to him.


He Keeps Looking At You

When you are around, he does nothing else but looking at you all the time.


He Starts Sending You Gifts

He will find some or the other way to keep you happy. That is why he keeps sending you gifts.

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