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What Leads To Adultery?

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The exact meaning of adultery is having physical contact with someone outside your marriage. It is considered a crime and immoral act in many societies.

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Bu still, adultery has become a part of today's society and many men and women have their own secret lives running along with their marriages.

A new study claims that more than 45% women and more than 57% of men in today's world admitted that they are into cheating their partners. The figures are shocking as this indicates many changes that occurred in the dynamics of human relationships.

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Now, let us analyse the reasons why such things take place. To put in a nutshell, let us discuss about what leads to adultery.



When one partner causes loneliness for the other partner due to various reasons like job, long distance travel or any other career reason then the desire to seek company elsewhere may start.


Frequent Flirting Of A Colleague

When your colleague flirts with you or when you gradually develop the habit of flirting with your colleague, you tend to get addicted to it. This might cause adultery as you may not even feel guilty to go out with him or her secretly.



Though it may surprise us, some partners try to stray only to take revenge. Yes, when a wife hates a husband who beats her up daily, she may try to seek revenge by making out with a neighbour!



Sometimes, it is quite common to develop a strong bond with someone in our circle. That could be just a friend or a colleague or a neighbour. When the bond strengthens over years, you might feel like hugging the person one day, when your spouse isn't around. This is how adultery starts.


Communication Issues

When there are communication issues like frequent disagreements and never ending arguments, the urge to find solace elsewhere may arise and this could also lead to adultery.


Diminished Libido Levels In One Partner

When one partner craves for lots of passion in bed and the other partner fails to deliver anything, then the chances of adultery tend to increase.


Lack Of Love

Relationship experts say that lack of sex is also okay but lack of love in a relationship could soon destroy it.

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