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Reasons Why Some Men Double Date

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Double dating has picked up off late in most of the urban areas of the world. Many men love the concept of dating two women at a time without their knowledge.

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This means a man goes to lunch with one woman and goes to dinner with another woman. And he keeps it a secret. Of course, some men openly tell that they double date.

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Putting aside the moral questions and the ethical answers, this practice may not work because a man may get more confused by doubling dating randomly. Also, many women feel cheated and this may cause trouble later on. Now, let us look at the reasons why men double date.


To Have More Fun

Some men date two at a time just to have more fun. But soon they will realise that double dating isn't double the fun but double the trouble!


To Choose The Best

Some men think that they deserve the best and therefore, they keep searching for the ideal one by dating as many women as possible.


To Have More Options

Some men love to have more options at hand. This makes them date several women at a time but gradually, they will realise that it's a disorder.


To Understand Women Better

Some men think that understanding women is possible by dating as many women as possible. But this will fail as they get more confused.


To Feel Better

Some men who have undergone pain and failure in the past tend to double date just to feel better. But this may turn into a habit and a disorder later on.


To While Away Time

Some men just want to pass their time and they choose double dating as a time pass activity. Only after they lose years of time, they will realise their mistake.


To Learn Lessons

Some men learn their lessons through their relationships. So, they tend to date more and more thinking that they could learn more from each woman they date. That sounds foolish, right?

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