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Why Some Men Never Cheat

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Yes, there are so many men who cheat their partners. But it doesn't mean that all men cheat. In fact, even if you dig out the reasons why men cheat, you might even find some genuine ones that had forced them to do like that. But of course, cheating isn't legitimate and it can never be supported even if a man shows reasons behind such actions.

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On the other side of the coin, if you take a deeper look, you might realise that not all men are cheaters. There are so many men who never cheat their partners.

Yes, men can be monogamous too. Once a man genuinely starts enjoying deep levels of intimacy, trust and emotional bonding with a woman, he never feels like straying.

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In a recent survey, many men answered questionnaires and gave honest reasons why they never cheated their partners. If you take a look at the reasons, you may start believing the fact that all men are not cheaters.


Its A Coward's Way

Some men declared that it isn't manly to cheat a partner. If one isn't satisfied with a relationship, instead of cheating, it is always better to find ways to repair the bond or break up; but cheating isn't a manly move.


They Love Their Promises

Making promises and living by them gives the real kick and this is why some men never cheat their partners.


They Hate Their Past

Men who have been brought up in families where the father cheated tend to easily understand a woman's pain when a man cheats. This makes them honest and loyal after they grow up.


Cheaters Aren't In Love

In true love, there isn't room for cheating. If cheating occurs then there isn't room for true love. This is what some men opine.


They Have Self Control

Sometimes, you tend to find something that gives you pleasure but you realise that it isn't healthy, you tend to control yourself. Like habits like smoking or drinking liquor, even cheating may give temporary pleasure but isn't healthy in the long run. That is why self control helps.


They Set Example To Their Sons

Some men hate to set a bad example for their growing kids. So, they tend to stay loyal to the whole family.


Compassion Dominates Sexual Needs

Some men admitted that their heart melts when they remember what a wife goes through in order to keep the family comfortable. A feeling of respect and compassion dominates the sexual desire to stray.


Some Men Are Scared!

Yes, some men admitted that they are scared of certain reasons and therefore, they never cheat. Firstly, some single women who trap married men tend to blackmail to extract money.

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