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Revealed: Why Men Stare At Cleavage

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Yes, every man would get distracted the moment he sees cleavage. And men can't focus on their task once they see cleavage. Why do guys look at cleavage? Why is it so hard for men to avoid staring at the wrong places when a woman just walks past?

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Why do men wait to peep when a woman suddenly bends down? Just like the way women love chocolates and flowers, men crave to look at cleavage as it gives them a high.

A cleavage stimulates the mind of a man and makes him imagine what he isn't able to see clearly. Men feel like they're solving a mystery when they look at a covered cleavage.

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Looking at the exposed cleavage, men generally try to figure out how the covered parts of the breasts actually look. This gives them a high. Now, let us explore more such reasons.


Reason #1

Small or big, men love to look at breasts as they stimulate them instantly. But as it isn't civilised behaviour, they try to stare without being too obvious.


Reason #2

In a survey, women claimed that the best way to distract a man is by not wearing a bra inside clothes. Irrespective of the size or the appearance of cleavage, men tend to lose their focus when a woman wears nothing inside her clothes.


Reason #3

And yes, a cleavage also signifies fertility. Men perceive women who have a healthy body as fertile. The size of the breasts would make men think that a woman is fertile and this attracts them strongly.


Reason #4

Men often get stimulated through visual stimuli and a cleavage is one of the most powerful stimuli to men.


Reason #5

As exposing cleavage is a taboo in many cultures, a cleavage has turned into a mystery that men would want to unravel. This is one reason why men love to secretly stare at a cleavage.


Reason #6

A cleavage communicates the reproductive potential of a woman which attracts potential males who are in the reproductive age.


Reason #7

Men love curves as they don't have any in them. As a cleavage is curvaceous, they treat it as a sign of womanhood.

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