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Signs She Is Faking The Orgasm!!


Every man wants to believe that he is a god in bed. Well, sometimes it is possible but sometimes it isn't. There is nothing wrong in failing in bed once in a while. It is not advisable to develop self-esteem issues if you have not reached her expectations. Instead, work on it or analyse why things failed.

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Many factors from stress, to certain health conditions could play a role in a failure. But if you view your failure as a very big issue then your woman would start trying to fake orgasms just to make you feel better.

Yes, in many surveys, nearly 76% of women agreed that they sometimes fake their orgasms only to make the failing man feel better.

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It is better to face the reality and improvise things instead of living in an illusion that you can always be a champ in bed irrespective of your age. Now, here are some signs your woman is just faking it to keep your spirits high.


She Moans Too Loudly (Only To Convince You!)

In order to convince you that you are really doing well, she will try to moan extra loud. Well, that's not her mistake; she is trying hard to keep your spirits high even when you are not doing well.


She Acts Over-Stimulated

Every single act of yours seems to 'stimulate' her. Even before you do something, she gives ecstatic facial expressions. She acts like that to quickly take things further without disappointing you.


Her Kisses Are Devoid Of Passion

She keeps kissing you to make you feel better but you can clearly see that the kisses aren't so passionate. Something seems to be missing!


No Sweat On Her

Generally, when a woman reaches her orgasm during a passionate session, she tends to sweat at least a bit on her forehead. Well, it is not a rule that her sweat means an orgasm. But still, consider sweat too as a clue.


She Seems Bored

After a while, she keeps a bored face though she doesn't stop moaning. Isn't it a contradiction? Yes, a bored face and a moan don't go hand in hand. It could be fake.


She Tries To Finish It Fast

When women sense that things are not going as expected, they try to rush things to speed up the process. But as they don't want the man to realise that he has failed, they tend to fake an orgasm.


She Runs Into The Bathroom

As soon as the act is over, she quickly locks herself in the bathroom as if she needs to wash herself thoroughly. But frankly speaking, she went inside to satisfy herself using her own hands!


She Is Silent Or Giving A Fake Smile

After everything is over, she either gives a fake smile or stays silent without talking anything. She will change the topic to divert your mind so that things don't look awkward.

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