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7 Challenges That Impulsive Women Go Through On A Daily Basis

To all the ladies out there! At some point in your lives, did someone ask you to speak softly, sit properly? Also, do people often mistake you as a short-tempered person? Hang on! Please understand that all women are not shy or calm by default, some are impulsive as well.

While some women are soft-spoken others may be impulsive and loud and therefore it is never okay to judge them because of their habits. These women go through some daily challenges, even though they didn't do anything wrong.

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Priya (23), a writer from Bihar shared her challenges of being an impulsive woman with us. While talking to Boldsky, she said, "There are times when I am mistaken for being rude. Back in college, my classmates used to think that I was quite rude and arrogant. But the thing is I am not at all rude. In fact, I am loud and impulsive."

Well, this is just the tip of an iceberg, there are many more challenges faced by women like Priya. Let's read about those challenges.

1. They Ask You To Calm Down

Being impulsive makes you unable to whisper and speak softly. You never fail to speak what's in your mind, as you love voicing your thoughts immediately. As a result, most of the time you are excited and eager to share your thoughts. Therefore, people might ask you at times to lower your tone or calm down.

Priya says, "People say I speak loudly when I get too excited because it doesn't fit their concept of 'decent'. It is just that the excitement of sharing my thoughts with my friends that increases my tone."

2. They Don't Or Rarely Have Any Plans For Future

Impulsive people are spontaneous by default and therefore, planning is an alien concept for them. Also, they hate making announcements, whatever they feel like, they do it without thinking much about what people will say, which is a blessing always. They do not pre-plan anything and live life to the fullest.

Also, living in the present moment is an art you should learn from them and therefore when people ask them questions like, 'Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?' They either avoid answering it or just walk away.

3. At Times They Regret Their Own Actions

Now that they do not plan things beforehand and take immediate actions, sometimes they end up in regretting their own actions because they forget to think about the consequences as well.

"There have been times when I messaged someone and regretted later for doing so because I sent it in a hurry before checking the typos. When I used to read it later, it sounded so funny, " says Priya.

4. They Are Mistaken For Being Angry

Impulsive people might get highly involved in a conversation taking places around them and therefore, they are often mistaken for being angry. People will perceive their statements as arguments. Even if they are not arguing, some people might judge impulsive women for turning any conversation into arguments.

Priya says, "Sometimes I get too much involved in a conversation and therefore, I keep my thoughts and opinion with detailed explanation. But people take it as arguments and they begin saying, 'Calm Down!' I don't understand why does this happen?"

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5. They End Up Shopping Excessively

Being impulsive can be challenging as you don't stand by your decisions at times. Every time you end up buying unnecessary items and exhaust your finances for no reason.

"Shopping is really a tough thing for me. There are times when browsing through e-commerce sites for buying a particular bedsheet and then I end up purchasing pillows, curtains and endless home accessories along with it," laughs Priya.

6. They Are Not Afraid To Give Honest Opinions

When it comes to sharing honest opinions, they never shy away. It can be a situation where a friend wears a new dress but, they being impulsive don't like it and share their honest opinions. There is a high chance that their friends will also see them as rude. But, for them, what's in their head, is also on their mouth.

"I don't discuss people behind their back and therefore, whenever I have to say something, I don't shy away. I say it on their face. It is better to be direct always," feels Priya.

7. They See Opportunity In Crisis And Deal Accordingly

This is one of the best qualities in them and we can learn a lot from it. They are never afraid of any circumstances and therefore, they are always ready to face any consequences. Also, they see a crisis as an opportunity and deal with tough situations quite effectively.

"For me, life is like a river and it should never stop. I love going with the flow and therefore I am ready to face whatever comes in my way. If something bad happens, I get a chance to learn something from it and move on," says Priya.

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Though impulsive women might end up in embarrassing themselves at times, they know how to live their life at its fullest. They hardly make complaints and blame others for issues in their lives.

So, if you know any such woman who is impulsive by default, then share this story with her and tell her how awesome she is.

Story first published: Thursday, September 19, 2019, 18:28 [IST]
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