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Women With Short Height Can Totally Relate To These 7 Annoying Problems

Let us get one thing straight! Women come in all shapes and sizes and therefore, society needs to change its understanding of physical beauty.

Several researches have revealed that in a country like India that has a tropical climate, women have an average height of 5 feet. But there are also women, who are shorter than this. Though such women can rock in high heels and save money by picking clothes from kids' section, there are other grave issues that needs to be addressed if we are looking forward to an inclusive society.

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So, let's find out what are the pros and cons of people with short heights-

1. People Perceive You To Be Younger

Just because of your short height people mistake to be younger or worse, to be a kid. People may come to you asking weird questions such as- "which class are you in?" Or instead of tea, people ask whether you want Horlicks or Complan or any health drinks for that matter. It becomes really embarrassing when they react after you tell them your real age.

Aditi (23) from Patna told Boldsky, "People generally perceive me to be younger and they say 'you must be in 11th standard'. Though I have graduated sometime back. Even at the bar, the bartender looks at me suspiciously and makes sure to re-check my ID proof."

2. Looking At Your Face In Bathroom Mirror Is A Daily Struggle

Not every bathroom mirror can be a struggle, but the one being hung high can become really problematic. Sometimes, you need to stand on your toes or jump to see yourself clearly in the hung mirrors. Mona from Jammu told Boldsky, "I go through this problem quite often. I need to either jump or stand on my toes to see if I am looking good or not."

3. Finding Bottoms That Fit You Completely Is Not That Easy

Be it buying pants, maxi skirts, and jeans, nothing seems to fit you properly. You need to get them hemmed by your tailor or you have to fold your pants and jeans in the bottom. Else your frets won't be visible from the other end of the bottom. Aditi says, "I don't remember if I ever wore a pant without getting it hemmed. Even the maxi dress and skirts need to go through the same."

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4. Concerts And Movie Shows Can Be Tough At Times

The struggle to see the screen or the artist when you are inside a movie theatre or attending a concert is quite obvious. You won't go through this, only if you are successful in grabbing a front row during the concert. Otherwise, you will be left to jump in order to get a view of the person performing on the stage or stare at people's back. The same happens when you go to a movie. You might get annoyed by seeing people's head, instead of the movie.

5. Kids Younger To You Appear Elder

This never gets old. Siblings who are younger than you look elder. The moment they become taller in height, you automatically look younger. Also, you will get to hear that 'you must be the youngest among your siblings'.

Aditi says, "My brother is 5 years younger to me but since he is quite tall, people think he is elder to me."

6. You Cannot Reach The Top Shelves Easily

Tops shelves are no less than an unexplored territory for you. Why? Because reaching to those is not that easy for you and the reason is your height. You need to stand on a chair or stool to reach the top cabinet and look for the things you desire or want. Well, in most cases it is food, as we believe stealing food from your own house, enhances its taste.

7. Your Head Or Shoulder Is Mistaken As An Armrest

This could be really annoying at times! People perceive your head and shoulder to be their armrest. Sometimes they do this just to annoy you intentionally.

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Though these are quite obvious problems that women with short height face, but it is also important that they accept themselves the way they are. Love yourself and live life with pride!

Disclaimer: The names and identifying details have been changed for ensuring the privacy of the individuals