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Thirukkural-On Wealth-On Wisdom-Kural-430
Arivudaiyaar ellaam udaiyaar arivilaarEnnudaiya raenum ilarThe wise have all blessings, even if not possessed with worldly goods,But the ignorant rich have nothing.The implication here, Rajaji would say, is that a discriminating mind is the greatest of all human assets. Without it, ...

Thirukkural-On Wealth-On Wisdom-Kural-427
Arivudaiyaar aava tharivaar arivilaarAkthari kalla thavar.Men of wisdom know and are prepared for what is coming;The ignorant do not know what is ahead of them.Men of deep knowledge and understanding will surely be able to think and plan ahead. Foreseeing ...
Thirukkural-On Wealth-On Wisdom-Kural-426
Evva thuraivadhu ulakam ulakaththoaduAvva thuraivadhu arivu.In respect of this Kural, one cannot do better than just adopt the brief and telling translation by V V S Iyer.It is a part of wisdom to conformTo the ways of the worldRajaji would say ...
Thirukkural-On Wealth-On Wisdom-Kural-425
Ulakam thalee eya thotpam malardhalumKoombalum illa tharivuThe wise man loves all the world with a certain constancy,Unlike the kind of bloom that opens and closes frequently.In this Kural the word, 'Ulakam' (i.e) world, refers to the wise of the world.Rajaji would ...
Thirukkural-On Wealth-On Wisdom-Kural-424
Enporulavaakachch selachch sollithaan pirarvaaiNunporul kanbadharivu.The wise express even profound thoughts in simple terms,But would grasp the subtleties of all what others say.V.V.S. Iyer’s interpretation of this Kural is as follows:“What he speaketh, the wise man speaketh so as to be understood ...
Thirukkural-On Wealth-On Wisdom-Kural-423
Epporul yaryaarvaaik kaetpinum apporulMeypporul kanpa tharivuTo discern the truth from whatever source it emanatesIs the true quality of wisdomParimel Azhagar gives an elaborate interpretation of this Kural, when he says that the truth may be found in disguised forms in the ...
Thirukkural-On Wealth-On Wisdom-Kural-422
cenra idathaal selavidaa theethoariianrinpaal uypa dharivuIt is the hall-mark of wisdom to concentrate on the wise and the good instead of letting the mind wander aimlessly everywhere.True knowledge or wisdom, will surely control thought and behaviour, and keep both away from ...
Thirukkural-On Wealth-On Wisdom-Kural-421
Arivu atram kaakkum karuvi seruvaarkkumUll azikkalaaka aran. Wisdom is the ultimate and impregnable defence for protection against destruction;It is also the fortress of inner strength against enemy onslaughts.The title of the chapter has been given as wisdom, in preference to ...
Thirukkural-On Wealth-On Listening To The Wise-Kural-418
Kaetpinum kaelaath thakaiyave kaelviyaalThoatkap padaadha seviEars that have not been penetrated by words of instruction from the learned,Will be effectively deaf, even if functionally in order.K M Balasubramaniam, in his commentary on Thirukural, says with reference to this Kural that the ...
Visitors Of The World
The world is a rest house! A Sufi story reveals the aforesaid truth. A pious prince called Ibrahim who was of a charitable nature, arranged for the poor and the holy to take food and drink on the porches of his ...
Thirukkural-On Wealth-On Listening To The Wise-Kural-416
Enaithaanum nallavai kaetka anaiththaanumAndra perumai tharumEven if it is just a little, listen and assimilate good instruction,It will be productive of great benefitOn this, Rajaji would comment that Valluvar has expressed this as a piece of consolation to those who feel ...
Thirukkural-On Wealth-On Listening To The Wise-Kural-414
Karrila nayinum ketka ahtoruvarkuOrkattin urran tunaiLearning is necessary, but even those who are not formally learned should listen to the wise,For such learning acquired through listening, will be a staff of support in times of weakness.In the first line, I have ...
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